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In today’s fast paced world, Fitness is prime. Not only you need to be physically fit but mentally fit too. For [people who have pets – specially Dogs – Fitness is just a thought away. All you need to do is pull up your socks and get ready to spend some good time with your cuddly buddy. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But yes my friends, if you have a dog – then you need not spend time and money on expensive fitness centers.


Dogs are wonderful creatures and are a great company too. So when you want to snack or grab a cookie; just leash your dog and take a good walk with him instead in fresh air. This shall lift your mood and also divert you from feeding your cravings to snack. While you get lots of fresh air, you also get your share of sunshine and Vitamin D, which is really good. So a short and sweet walk of not less than 20 minutes will not only lift your spirit but also give your dog the time he has always wanted. This small step will contribute to fitness of both of you.They say dogs are a man’s best friend. So let your Dog be your route to fitness. Here is how your Dog can be your fitness companion.

Walk Companion:

What could be a better way to relax yourself than taking your dog out for a good walk? Take a long good 45 minutes to an hour of walk and you’ll know that not only will you strengthen your legs and your fitness in totality but it will show very positive effects on your brain too. Taking long walks can result in treating bad behavior of your pet too. So not only are you getting fit but also treating and pampering your cuddly buddy. 

Fetch Game:

Treat your pet by playing ‘Fetch’ game and your dog will love you for that. Not only will you win your dog’s love but it’s a very soothing and distressing activity for yourself. After a long day at work, take your dog out for these little games and you playing along will only add to your physical and mental endurance.

Stride companion:

When you think about fitness, running plays a good role in it. Running in any form sprinting, jogging or striding are good forms of cardio vascular activity as it takes your heart rate up, hence allowing your body to burn calories? Now when you run, try taking your dog along, and you will see the difference as not only will your dog be your companion but will add a fun factor to your otherwise normal regime. This way you will refresh yourself and your dog – ensuring fitness for both in totality.

Dogs to keep you fit mentally:

In this world of hectic work schedules and burdened shoulders, we all seek solace in our loved ones companies. Therefore, let your dog take the lead to de stress you. Be it cuddling with him or patting him or just a good long walk – it will make you forget your troubles for some time. This will hence allow you to keep up your mental endurance to start afresh in terms of taking the stress or burdens again.

Best Buddy:

As we get busy in life, not all our friends are always available when we need them. We can easily understand the time constraints as we ourselves are so busy. So when you are feeling low or struggling to overcome a heart break – try spending time with your dog. They have a magical healing effect and eventually they will help you overcome your troubles and make you mentally fit again.

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