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Most of the countries that are profitable destinations for PHP developers are male dominated societies that have a lopsided view of women as compared to their counterparts elsewhere, half way across the globe such as United Kingdom or the Americas.

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This may seem strange as the women in these countries are restricted from being privy to certain professions and are subjected to the glass ceiling treatment. The veracity of these hurdles has been the topic of many heated debates, but it is wise to get you acquainted with the skills of women in such societies.

State of women in patriarchal societies

In patriarchal societies, women are expected to shoulder many responsibilities that involve the accomplishment of daunting tasks. They are reprimanded and chided for lack of grace, if involved in activities that are thought of as manly, from a young age. This is done in order to imbibe so-called values in them as they are thought of as being purported to be an embodiment of grace by divine decree. But this can be construed as suppression of their freedom and a form of domestic oppression or harassment- which is more likely the case.

Working women are looked upon as incompetent and when it comes to web developers, even western countries tend to think of this profession as a male dominated career.

What is the condition of women now in these countries?

Rapid urbanization in these countries promote male chauvinism and but on the flipside it has also managed to alleviate the pain of these women and has been successful in changing the mindset of people. The workplaces have become female-friendly and hospitable. Males have become courteous and welcoming to the opposite sexes. They have learnt to compromise and live with each other’s areas of deficiencies and accept the fact that web designing knows no gender.

Why women developers?

Women developers are feasible because of the following reasons:

1. Women developers are best suited for the meticulous planning and development of projects. They are adept at memorizing and prompt adherence to the checklists involved in these activities as to whether they are attended to or not. They have a keen and innate attention to detail.

2. They can be the support system or inspiration to mixed teams that they are part of as they are known to juggle many roles and in this case, activities. Their presence here can help a team in ideating and making the work worthwhile as PHP development involves and demands a lot of creativity from the developers.

3. Women also tend to be more qualified in these countries than men are, as they often outperform men in school and college level examinations. An increasing number of PHP developers are women in countries like India, China and Sri Lanka.

This checklist is of much importance as PHP businesses are more akin to hire PHP programmer, most of whom are women. They are likely to offer their services in these societies discouraging women of being involved in earning their daily bread.


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