When Is a Burglar Most Likely to Strike?

When is a Burglar Most Likely to Strike Most criminals live within a few miles of the homes that are targeted for burglary. The average burglar spends less than 15 minutes in a home. Houses that contain home security systems are three times less likely to be the target of a burglary. Burglars do not normally target random homes and tend to search for the easiest houses in the neighborhood to enter and rob. Burglars are most likely to strike at four distinct times.

When The Family Is Away

Burglars are likely to strike when the family is away. Some burglars follow families and approach during a known period when no one is home. Other criminals look for signs of a family on vacation such as missing vehicles, excessive amounts of mail or an unkempt lawn. Unprotected and isolated homes are very vulnerable during this period. This becomes a less attractive option for criminals in neighborhoods that have active and secure communities watching over adjacent houses.

3. During A Large Gathering

Some burglars will actually take advantage of a large gathering to break into a home. Large gatherings that are taking place outdoors leave large portions of the home unattended. Even dinner parties usually have all guests and family members consolidated in one room leaving bedrooms vulnerable. This type of robbery often targets small and high-value items like jewelry over the course of just a few minutes. A home security system could prevent this type of crime.

2. Early Morning

More than two-thirds of burglaries occur during the early morning hours in many states from Virginia to California. They occur while families are asleep, getting ready for work or traveling to work. Criminals who strike during this time usually follow family members home from work and track the schedule. A burglar might appear outside of a home randomly in the days before the burglary. . The home security system will remain active at all times and sound an alarm if a burglar attempts to enter the house.

1. After New Owners Arrive

Burglars often strike just after a family or individual moves into a new house especially in populated states like California. This is because a newly purchased house frequently lacks a home security system. It could take days or weeks for families to install some type of security system in homes or apartments. The new homeowner might also be unaware of unlocked doors or windows in odd parts of the house. This provides a burglar with a short period where theft is easy. Installing a home security system in a California home within one to two days of moving in will stop burglars.

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