What You Should Know About Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Today, there are several dental offices that you can visit whenever you want to undergo dental extractions in Anchorage. However, there are several things that you should always take note of whenever you are planning to visit a dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pain
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pain

The extraction of a wisdom tooth can have several effects that you should be knowledgeable on. These complications are able to develop irrespective of the clinic that you visit for the treatment. The reason why you should be knowledgeable on the complications is because; when you know what you are bound to go through, it can be much easier preparing for it. This means that you can find ways on how to deal with it.


Whenever you are planning to visit a dental clinic for the extraction of the wisdom tooth, below are some of the complications that you may face and ways on how you can handle them in order to avoid them from weighing you down.

Dry socket

This is often caused by the failure of a clot to form around the wound where the tooth extraction was done. At certain times, the clot may be formed but does not last leading to the formation of a dry socket. This leaves the bone without any cover, a condition that can be very painful. It should also be noted that smoking within 48 hours after the removal of wisdom tooth can also lead to the formation of a dry socket. The socket usually forms after the second day of tooth extraction.

When you are faced with this condition, it is advisable that you visit the dentist in order to clean any form of debris from the socket. After that, it will be dressed in order to fight the pain and also avoid any form of swelling that may occur on the socket.

Other complications from Wisdom Tooth Removal

There are other several complications that can also arise from the extraction of Wisdom tooth that you should take note of. These include:

●        Bruises and infections of the gums

●        Excessive bleeding

●        Trauma to tooth filling or the teeth around the area where the extraction is done

●        Jaw pains

●        Nerve injuries

Whenever you undergo wisdom tooth removal, you can experience all the above complications or some of them. However, it should be noted that nerve injury does not often occur to most people except in a few elderly. Even if it is experienced, it does not stay for a long period of time. In the event that it is experienced, it can have an effect on the individual’s ability to feel and taste using the lips, chin and tongue. In order to deal with all these complications, you should visit a dentist whenever you begin experiencing them.

Dental extractions for wisdom teeth may involve minor surgery. Your anchorage dentist should be able to examine and discuss with you about some of the complications that you are likely to face as an individual before the procedure is conducted.

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