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Products which are in the manufacturing business are not only made then and there. There are certain factors that need to be controlled in order for the company to yield a very good product. In order to control these factors, there needs to be clean room.

A clean room is an environment where products are made. The clean room is used and found frequently in electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical and other manufacturing industries. This room has airborne particles which are concentrated and specified according to limits which. The point is to get away from airborne particles which have been in the air for quite some time.  This is because sub-micron contamination which could go out of control and hamper the health of the workers without the help of a clean room.

Logically, the only way to control contamination is to have ultimate control of the environment. This entails regulating air flow rates, its direction, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtering. This could not be possibly done by an air filter. That is why the clean room takes it job. However, the clean room procedure must be of good maintenance and high standards.

The clean room procedure is very interesting. The procedure room clean the monitor of the air and compare it with a typical office environment.  But like what it is said, there need to be a strict implementation of a clean room procedure  in any place where a clean room is found.

The ultimate enemy of the clean room is contamination. When we say contaminations, this is when there is an act or a process that causes materials, surfaces or the environment to be soiled with substances which are contaminating or may cause illness. A clean room is after surface contaminants such as the film type and the particulates. The difference of both contaminants is its size. The former is wider than the later.

It is better to be aware of some of the sources of contamination which may be a hindrance to your clean room.

  1. Facilities

These are the walls, floors and ceilings in a certain room.


  1. Paint and coatings

The type of paint and coating may affect the cleanliness of your room.


  1. Construction material

What is the room made out of? This you also have to consider.


  1. People

Did you know that you skin flakes and this could contribute to the contamination of the air? Even the oil that comes out of your hair and face could also cause contamination without you having any idea.


But if you want to get away from the stress in trying to put up a clean room in order for your products to be totally sanitary, then give the job to a trusted provider. ASP Plastics, the leading plastic provider in Australia and in the world, could make you a clean room according to your standards and necessity. Through them, you are sure that the clean room procedure is going to fit the required standard in any sanitary governing body.



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