What To Do When Wedding Guests Don’t Get Along

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you have to deal with arguing relatives or friends. In fact, there is a huge possibility that without proper handling, their issues may even be magnified on your wedding day – and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

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If you want to lower, if not completely eradicate the chance of a big scandal on your big day, here are some practical methods that might help.


Consider the guest list

If a certain person doesn’t need to be invited, may he or she be a friend or relative, then don’t take chances. Being part of the family doesn’t automatically mean he or she has to receive an invitation to the wedding. However, if you have no choice and really need to invite the person, then…


Make a seating chart

Purposely seating certain members of the family as far away as possible can prevent any drama from happening. To make it less obvious, assign them to seats next to kin they get along with. However, if you plan to ditch the seating plan, everyone can sit according to their preferences – still avoiding conflict among the two parties.


Limit alcohol

Alcohol has its way of dulling the senses and letting the words slide out. If you don’t want a dramatic scene – other than your exchange of vows – to take place during your wedding, opt to limit the amount of alcohol intake for the guests. Consider serving wine, beer, or a signature cocktail drink instead of having an open bar.


Hire an awesome band

One good way to avoid conflicts during your wedding is having a fun celebration. And what better way to have fun than hiring musicians that will play striking songs. When my close friend and her boyfriend tied the knot in Scotland, their wedding band did a good job of impelling the guests to dance. I realized that dancing and listening to your favorite songs won’t allow people from hearing others’ words – reducing the chance of confrontation.


Assign someone for conflict-avoidance

On your big day, you should be enjoying, and not become the conflict-avoidance officer. If you know about the possible conflict, delegate someone to play peacekeeper. He can either be a family member or a close friend non included in the tension, but someone who is also familiar with the issues. Once you assign the responsibility to another person, you are allowing to enjoy yourself.


Your wedding day only comes around once. Instead of worrying about everyone else’s feelings, make sure you’re taking care of your own. Put yourself first and take control of how you want things handled.


Did your wedding day have extra drama? What did you do?

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