What to Do in Air Conditioning Emergency?

Five Borough AC & Heating offers a number of 24-hour air conditioning services in NYC – including last-minute emergency repair in the metro area – and promises to deliver “fast and professional service”. They specialize in a range of tasks: selling and installing new air conditioning systems and repairing older ones. Established in 1998, they have gained a reassuring level of experience in their field; designing new air conditioning systems and supporting older ones, they gathered knowledge allows them to repair a wide range of makes and models. As a customer-oriented company, their aim has been to not only contract new air conditioning systems, but to improve the performance of the existing systems of their clients. Sustainability-wise, this is a good choice – their mechanics are EPA (Environment Protection Agency) certified and will ensure that installations and improvements operate at a high level of efficiency; offering something back to their customers through savings on bills.

They also offer the rental of portable air conditioning systems for while a repair is being made, so you and your family won’t feel let-down by your air conditioning in the interim period. As well as this they provide air purifiers – which help to remove germs and pollutants from the air – which houses naturally trap – house cleaners (making the task of keeping your house clean much easier), and much more, to ensure the quality of the air in your house is of a high standard and the general level of comfort is increased.


Five Borough AC offers a variety of air conditioning tips for a variety of different uses. Their air conditioning can be installed both in windows and through the wall, depending on the size of space needed to be air conditioned, utilizing notable brands of air conditioning. If the requirement is for something small and practical, ‘packaged air conditioners’ are recommended for this use, which, aside from use in homes, can be used in the likes of restaurants and small halls – an intermediate air conditioning between window air conditioners and central air conditioners. Their advantage is in the design: their components are compacted together, making them great for small spaces. Some of these utilize a water cooler condenser, which is more compact than it sounds. For larger applications, central air conditioning is recommended, for example in hotels and hospitals, but this is likely to not be required in the average home.

Another recommended option for air conditioning in the home is the window air conditioner; the size of this is dependent on the size of the room to be air conditioned. The recommended brands for this type of AC are: LC, Mitsubishi and Frigidaire, to name a few. A disadvantage of window air conditioners is the noise, which only a more expensive purchase will alleviate. However, their energy performance is notable; especially if they feature the government’s ‘Energy Star’ which will also give an indication of the money they could save you on bills in a year. Finally, ‘split air conditioners’ are also recommended for homes, which offer ductless air conditioning of several rooms at a time, without compromising the security of the home.

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