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You don’t have to have an extensive bank account or be a celebrity to share your own personal message of peace. Spreading your message to a great number of people doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Using the tools provided on the Internet, you can reach out to a great number of people using the power of social media websites. You will be amazed by how many people you attract to your message by creating simple posts of your peaceful beliefs.

A friend of mine has been recently accused of being a socialist and a marxist. His only comment that spawned this description from his therapist was, “I believe people should work for the benefit of humanity rather than the benefit of their pocket books.” Never once did he mention that people should be forced to follow a determined path, but people should realize the importance of specific roles in order for the human species to advance. He also believes that personal possessions should be just that, and governments shouldn’t dictate how owners of private property conduct themselves on such land. Greed and organized religions have played an integral part in how the world is on the border of tearing itself to pieces.

What does this mean for peace? Quite a bit, actually. Without peaceful interaction with each other on a global scale, our development as humans is greatly distracted. How are we able to learn about ourselves and our neighbors if we are too worried about being kidnapped, bombed, or shot on sight? If we were able to coexist without hatred and war, humans can advance far beyond what is currently the norm. There would be nothing to hinder the advancement of social technologies over military weapons. However, there is very little profit in such innovations comparatively.

Shouldn’t we want to embrace our own humanity in order to progress as a species? Think of the innovative creations we could be experiencing if war, oil, and religious zealots were to find solace. Could we have cured cancer by now if our efforts were focused? Even if you think your voice is small compared to the millions of users on social media, it only takes one person to inspire another. If even one person is inspired by you, then it was worth the time you put into your message.

1. Facebook – Millions of people have a Facebook account. It is easy to share content with your friends and family on most websites now-a-days. If you find something that is pertinent to your views of peaceful resolutions, simply share it and everyone you are connected to will see it. Even posting comments on your timeline allows others to follow your message of hope. There are even ways you can create specific groups that share like-minded messages.

Did you know that Facebook users spend an average of 10.5 billion minutes per day on the social giant’s website? Each user spends more than six and a half hours per month on the site and more than half of them visit the site at least twice per day. The majority of those who utilize Facebook for marketing see a three to five times greater return-on-investment compared to other methods online. Spreading any message along social media can impact a great number of people.

2. YouTube – For spreading message to a great number of people, YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms. Millions of viewers watch these videos regularly and the videos themselves are indexed into Google’s search engine. By using a simple webcam, you can reach out to others and share your opinions and beliefs with anyone willing to watch. A great deal of success for many YouTubers began with nothing more than a simple cheap webcam. Make yourself a celebrity and promote your messages of peace and love.

3. Pinterest – It is true that a picture is worth 1000 words. By using photographs or images you have created, you can add a short message with each one to create more awareness for your project. Pinterest will also allow you to “pin” images from websites you visit which can help your cause by bringing imagery others may not know exists. The social image site includes the ability to link back to any site you feel is necessary in order to promote the awareness of your project.

4. Google+ – Although Google+ is still in its infancy compared to others, it is in a constant stage of development. More and more people are joining Google+ and sharing content with each other. By joining relevant groups and commenting on posts, you can share your message of peace to many people. When used in conjunction with Google Authorship, you can begin promoting yourself as an expert in your specific field. The more content you develop regarding your project of peace, the more attention your profile will receive and the greater the chances are of you getting noticed.

5. Wattpad – For those who are creative, Wattpad can provide a platform for you to share stories in either fiction or non-fiction. A great number of readers frequent the website and you could share your message with a large portion of them. Everyone likes free reading material and you could create a large fan-base by writing about your passions.

Social media websites are not strictly for business promotions or being entertained by watching a video. You can use these venues to share information and create awareness for virtually any project you wish to participate in. It doesn’t take much effort to spread your message of peace for all to see and read. The Internet has provided a soap-box for you to stand on. Spread your message.

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