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Have you ever noticed a new and polished deck near your place? This happens in many places. Building decks are becoming popular these days for various reasons. First function for this part of buildings and houses is for smoking zone. Secondly, decks are used as extensions of living rooms. Thirdly, they are used as observation spots for telescoping heavenly bodies and for nature sightseeing and photography.


Building decks serve lots of purposes but hiring a deck contractor is not that relaxing. Many things must be put in consideration before employing the right one. To make this easier, ways to find the skillful deck contractor have been made in form of questions. These queries will surely lead clients to the proper deck contractor who will give them what they desire.

  • What were your previous projects?

Ask about the contractor-applicants’ past works and who they worked with and for. Clients can look for the contractor’s project reviews and comments. Ask their former clients and companies. Weigh the positives and negatives.

  • What do you think is your best project by far?

Know about the self-assessed “best project” the contractor did and ask why does he/she think  so. This will be verified by the answers and findings in the first question.

  • What do you think is your worst project by far?

Identify the contractor’s credibility and consistency through this query. Follow up with why the contractor thinks that the project was his/her worst,  what mistakes did he/she do with the project that make it bad and what should be the proper ways that have been done to make the project better. This is to know the range of idea, experience, expertise and flexibility the contractor has.

  • What will be the timeframe of the project?

Ask when the contractor could possibly start and how long will he/she need to make it done. This will let you know how ready, quick and interested the contractor is.

  • What is your price for this project?

Look for an honest and concrete answer for this. Favor the one who can provide quality project with an honest price rather than unsure quality with cheap prices. Low prices do not guarantee quality products. Cheap but low-standard projects will result to even more expenses because of premature replacements and repair.

  • What do you think is best for this project?

Even if the client has set up his/her plans, ask the contractor what will make it better. Choose the one whose plan and designs are in consonance with the client’s idea. Check for custom deck contractor as they are flexible and can take custom orders based on your requirements.

  • What is your plan for the after-construction garbage like sawdust and wood blocks?

Knowledge about how the contractor will dispose the litter is very important since no one wants a new deck with lots of wooden chunks and dust around.

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