Wet Shaving Vs Shaving with an Electric Razor

When it comes to shaving, is there a right way and a wrong way? Obviously, this is a popular subject that concerns mostly men, but could concern some women. Anyone who currently shaves or has shaved in the past will not only have an opinion on this subject matter, but a preference as well. Though shaving with an electric razor is an effective way to remove unwanted hair, it seems that most people still rely on wet shaving to get the job done. As with anything in life, there is always room for improvement. Follow the basic steps below to master the process of wet shaving.


Wet Shaving: Everyone Does It, Or Everyone Should Do It

Wet shaving is a popular and ideal way to get rid of unwanted hair. Not matter what area you may be shaving (particularly your face, though), wet shaving is an easy method to pursue. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this method. Whether you’ve been shaving for a while or you’re an old pro, take a look at these helpful tips:

Take a shower before you shave

This idea may seem a little strange to you. However, if you shave before showering, you could potentially tear or rip your skin. When you shower before you shave, you’re giving your body a chance to lather and loosen up and prepare for the shaving process.

Never Shave Over Unlathered Skin


This may seem like a rookie mistake, but it happens quite frequently–amongst new and old shavers. Simply put, when you shave over skin that hasn’t been lathered, you stand a high risk of cutting and/or scarring your skin. Before shaving, make sure you completely lather your face. It’s better to have too much soap or cream than not enough!

Try to Avoid Shaving Everyday


When you shave everyday, you could potentially harm your skin. Though some men may feel the need to shave once a day, it might be once (depending on your type of skin, tone, etc.) to shave every other day or even wait two or three days before shaving again. However, everyone is different and hair grows on different people. Using new, clean, and sharp equipment or tools will help ensure that your skin comes out of the shaving process unscathed.


Use Proper Cream or Lotion

When it comes to shaving, one of the most important Art of Shaving Barber tips is to use the proper cream or lotion. Never use regular soap to shave your face, as this could lead to cuts, scratches, and scars. Always make sure you are using a shaving cream or lotion that was specifically designed for the shaving process.


Do You Use Have After Shave?

To properly care for you skin post-shave, you may consider using after-shave or lotion. As the process of shaving will exfoliate your skin, it’s important to protect your skin and keep it healthy once it becomes smooth and soft. Try using cream, lotion, or balm.

Shaving is a delicate process. If not done properly and adequately, you could potentially cut or even scar your face. There are several different ways to shave, none of which are necessarily better or more proper than the other. However, the key is to find the shaving method that works best for you and your skin. Once you do that, make sure you have the right utensils, skills, and mindset before going to work on removing unwanted hair.

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