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The weather is about to change again and winds from the north would blow inland bringing the season of winter in the Indian subcontinent. Undoubtedly, the bitter and chilly temperature is takes away all the pleasure of wearing fashionable outfits because your cardigans or shawl is about to follow you everywhere, hiding your chic wear. But that does not mean you have to bid goodbye to fashion. Even with the winter garments, you can set up a trendy look and enjoy the season of happiness after the hot and humid weather. Here are some of the tips that you can follow and stay stylish even if the temperature drops.


•  Let’s begin with the first and the most essential wear of winter: sweaters .

You should be careful while choosing one. For instance, if you are looking for something light as well as warm then go for the cashmere fabric. This material can give you a lean look. On the other hand, sweaters with polka dot patterns can give you a vintage appeal as well as a nostalgic childhood feeling. If you are wearing a chunky knit of fuller length, you can belt it and pair it with jeans. Sweaters should be handled with care and hand wash is a better idea or give these to a dry cleaner, if you want to use for a longer period of time.


•  The next must have for winter is scarf.

This can protect your neck from the blowing cold wind and along with that this is a style statement. These are inexpensive and you can purchase various styles and colors and in variety of fabrics. Scarves can add charm to your personality and make your appearance smart as well as appealing. Men should stick to simple pattern or one colored scarves. If you love to wear coats in winter, scarves sync with the style. As for women, they can try out funny patterns or prints along with neutral colors or staying toasty warm and comfortable.

• Usually, you do not need gloves in winters of India, provided you stay in the northern region.

But then again, it is better to take precaution and gear up with all kind of winter wears to stay warm and cozy. Hence, do take care of your hands and choose the perfect gloves to keep your fingers warm and easy. Fingerless gloves are very popular, which even have covers to wrap your fingers whenever you want. Shorter length gloves are great for casual look but then you can also opt for longer, elbow-length gloves to create stylish impact. If you are wearing a hat or scarf, the gloves should match the color scheme in some way.

Other than these, you can also wear layers that can be put on or removed with changing temperature. Jackets, cardigans, pullover and coats are something you cannot miss out in winter. High neck tees are pretty cool and you can also go for hoodies which are apt for the initial cool phase of winter. Whatever you wear in winter can look stylish, if you can carry it out well. So, select your own comfort zone and enjoy the cold climate.

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