Top 7 Amazing Menus To Try With Your Date On Valentine’s Day

The problem with Valentine’s Day nowadays is that irrespective of where you go, the menu is nothing too different. True enough, your special lady does not need flowers, chocolate and a fancy dinner at the best place in town to know she is loved. Nonetheless, rest assured that she won’t mind if you decide to do something special for her and plan an incredible night, one just for the two of you.

To put it simply, the secret to transforming this year’s Valentine’s Day into a memory that you will both share for years to come consists of breaking out of the routine.
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Essentially, while you will still invite her out for dinner, you could impress her by skipping the gift of chocolate and going for one of the following menu ideas.

  • Drunken mushrooms

If you are taking your date out to a place where you two can also dance, then the drunken mushroom is an excellent light dish for this particular occasion. Despite the fact that this recipe implies wine or sherry, the amount of alcohol is harmless, so neither of you will get drunk.

  • Edible art

In the eventuality that you live in a metropolis, then one way you can surprise your date is to take her on a date at a modern European restaurant. In general, these places offer a free glass of champagne followed by incredibly arranged dishes, evidently all in the form of edible art.

  • Fondues

While some may argue that fondues are part of the Valentine’s Day tradition, it is necessary to mention that you do not have to settle for chocolate considering the plethora of dippers you can choose from these days. Besides, there is also an exciting tradition related to having fondues, namely that the person who loses the dipper has to kiss his/her sweetie.

  • Linguine with scallops

If you are rather conservative but still want to do your best to impress her on your big date on Valentine’s, then the perfect dish for both of you is linguine with scallops. Sweet, tender, slightly spicy and containing the perfect amount of lime, you can’t go wrong with this “Lady and the Tramp” dish.

  • Steak Au Poivre

While it is true that Steak Au Poivre is not a light menu, rest assured that the tender well-cooked New York Strip steak combined with the red wine seduction sauce will surely make her forget all about calories.

  • Chicken pot pie for two

In spite of the fact that the chicken pot pie might seem more appropriate for a family dinner, with a bit of creativity this dish can become just the classic, but not too daring menu you needed for Valentine’s Day. Since many people are hesitant to trying chicken potpie at first, you should pay attention to how this dish is served.

  • Heart-shaped French toast

In case you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to spend the entire day with your special lady, there are still ways to make her feel special before your big date, like cooking breakfast. If you don’t know how to cook, then order a Valentine’s Day special from one of the local restaurants. And, if you aren’t sure about her food preferences yet, then you won’t go wrong with ordering heart-shaped French toast.

Handling the bill

The reservations, hiring a limo, the champagne, flowers and any other thing you want to purchase to make Valentine’s Day perfect might not be affordable for all you gentlemen out there. In fact, some of you might actually be thinking of skipping some of the things that you had in mind just to meet the allocated budget.

However, there is something you can do about it, namely searching for special deals in advance. The good news is that you won’t have to do a lot of searching because you could leave this task in the hands of a professional. Nowadays, there are some dedicated websites focused specifically on free birthday meals and special occasions’ deals. And, the best part is that these sites don’t only help you find the info you need on your favorite restaurants, but are also free to sign up for.

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