Utilize coffee breaks

Most people are operating at the speed of life today. They are busy with work schedules and responsibilities at home. There never seems to be enough time to achieve everything that you need to do. Staying organized is a way to try to accomplish your tasks throughout the week. Sometimes this isn’t enough however.

Utilizing the breaks that you take during the day can be beneficial. Finding ways to use this time to take care of simple tasks is a good way to get work done. Some people have far more flexible schedules than others. These are people who can take a 20-30 minute coffee break at their favorite café.

Others may even be able to work from remote locations. Utilizing breaks may mean that you have less work to do in the office. There are many different tasks and duties that can be completed this way. Here are some of the common tasks in this category:

Return telephone calls

Most people have a number of important calls to make each day.

Using your coffee break to return calls is a terrific idea. Accomplishing these tasks can free you to do other things during the day. You may even find that making calls this way allows you more privacy than your office environment.

Schedule appointments

When you have appointments to schedule each week, it can take important time out of your schedule.

Making these appointments during your coffee break can be helpful. Oftentimes these are schedule with a simple telephone call or text.

Send emails

Many people travel with their laptops these days.

This allows them to stay connected wherever they may be. If your coffee shop has Wifi, you can send emails to your clients or customers. While you enjoy your favorite brew you can take care of these tasks which can free you up for other work.

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