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Have the dangers of ultraviolet (or UV) rays recently come to your attention and are you desperately searching for ways that you can protect your family from their harmful effects? One way to achieve this without confining your children to the indoors during warm weather is through the erection of a shade patio in your backyard. Whilst this won’t protect you when you’re out and about running your daily errands, it will ensure that you are shielded from UV rays during the times when you’re likely to be outside for extended periods.

The great thing about using a shade patio in your backyard, other than the fact that they are 99.9% ultraviolet resistant, is that they are often produced using transparent polycarbonate sheeting. This means that plenty of natural light will be permitted to filter into your outdoor area and that you won’t have to rely on more artificial methods of lighting. Your family will be able to benefit from the light and warmth provided by the sun without having to worry about the health risks of sunburn and melanoma.

Another reason that these patios are so popular amongst homeowners is that they are also completely waterproof. This means that you can sit beneath your structure during a thunderstorm without fear of becoming soaked or of the roof beginning to leak. Extended exposure to the sun will also have no affect on the polycarbonate’s ability to keep more extreme weather elements out of your patio area, unlike other plastics that are prone to cracking. This means that your structure is also relatively maintenance free.

There is also plenty of perceived and actual value associated with the erection of these patios. If you are thinking about selling your home and looking for ways to increase the chances that you will get a good price for it, the inclusion of one of these structures could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Potential buyers are constantly on the lookout for homes and features that will allow them to live as comfortably as possible, and a patio that protects their family from harmful UV rays is just this.

Going back to protection against ultraviolet rays for a minute, it is important to understand that even a small amount of exposure (such as running to your car from the front door) could be enough for the development of severe skin cancers over time. This is why it is important that you keep an eye on moles that you already have and new ones that may develop, even if you have a shade patio in your backyard. If you notice any changes in the size or colour of your moles, make sure you see a doctor immediately.

Have you been looking for the ultimate in ultraviolet ray protection for your home and family? If the answer is yes, you should consider the erection of a shade patio in your backyard. As well as blocking harmful UV rays from gaining access to your entertaining area, your home will be granted with plenty of natural light and warmth. Visitors to your home are likely to envious of how adequately your patio is able to protect them from the dangers of sunburn, melanoma and other cancers.


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