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Looking after the environment is a responsibility we all share, so do your part today and turn your business eco friendly. Not only will you be playing a part in keeping the planet clean for further generations – turning your business into an environmentally friendly workspace will also help to save you money.

In homes across the country the traditional kitchen bin is now joined by at least one if not several recycling bins for all the different household waste. Businesses have been much slower in adapting to a recycling scheme so if you haven’t already, implementing recycling at work should be first on your list.

Eco friendly

An easy step to take, setting up recycling at work will take no time and have a maximum effort. By adding a few different bins and educating colleagues into what goes where will not only benefit the environment but it will save your company money in waste management, help to reduce clutter and save space.

Another little change that can make a big impact is simply getting everyone to switch off office equipment at the end of the day. Leaving lights, computers and other electrical equipment on overnight and over the weekend all adds up, and over a year this could be costing you a lot of unnecessary money.

Making sure that everyone switches off appliances when they aren’t in use will reduce energy waste instantly and also cut down on your energy bills.

Turning you business eco friendly will require small and big some changes, but in turn the results will be hugely beneficial. Think about replacing old appliances with the newest models, this includes office computers and any fridges that you may have at work.
Investing in new appliances will ensure that they are the most energy efficient, and unlike old appliances that will be consuming energy at an alarming rate, the new models will help to save money on energy costs as well as being better for the planet.

Energy efficient changes not only save your business money but they will make the overall working environment better, cleaner and more productive. We all know how important good lighting is in the workplace, everyone works better we they can see clearer but you might not know that investing in high quality lighting can also save you money and help to transform your office into an eco friendly space.

Energy efficient, lighting systems such as LED lightsense panels, offer substantial savings on energy consumption and provide unrivalled high quality and bright lighting for any working environment. This modern type of lighting can be up to eighty percent more efficient than traditional office lighting options.

Unlike typical office lighting such as florescent strip lights, LED lights do not contain mercury so won’t require a specialist disposal with a registered waste carrier. Not only will LED lights reduce your carbon footprint but they are also free of toxic elements, and in turn provide no risk to environment. With an average 50,000 hour lifespan they will also greatly reduce any replacement costs in the future, making them great news for your business and the environment.

This article has been written by Abigail Atkins on behalf of LED Lightsense. Click here to visit there site for more information.

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