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More and more people are diagnosed with cancer every year. If you are one of the cancer patients, you will definitely want to learn more about the different treatments that are available to you. One of the popular therapies is hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia uses heat to kill or damage the cancer cells found in tumors. Along with radiation therapy, treating malignant tumors is more effective. A combination of radiation and hyperthermia therapies can effectively treat new growth and re-occurring cancer.


How Does Hyperthermia Works?

The first thing that the therapy does is that is weakens or damages the tumor’s cancer cells. Radiation therapy can easily permeate the tumor since hyperthermia increases the blood flow in the tumor itself, thereby increasing the level of oxygen. When this happens, the tumor can be effectively treated.

The immune system is stimulated once the body senses the heat from hyperthermia which is mistaken as fever. That is how the therapy works. As you may have noticed, it is not given alone and usually in conjunction with radiation therapy.

If you are concerned about the price of Pomalyst or the cost of Xtandi, you can ask your doctor about hyperthermia. For over thirty years now, the therapy has been used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the world. It is safe and effective especially when used during the early stages of cancer.

Clinical trials showed that some of the tumor sizes were reduced significantly in around 83.7% of cancer patients. The therapy lasts for about an hour and it will be followed by a round of radiation therapy. After a meeting with a team of medical professionals, the treatment plan is determined. In most cases, it will take about 10-12 treatments, wherein the sessions are given twice a week.

A numbing agent is injected around the area where the tumor is located, along with a topical application of anesthetic cream. Thin probes are placed underneath the skin’s surface to get the temperature. This will help control the heat. Microwave energy heats the tumor at 108°. It is normal for the patient to feel the heat. After an hour, the probes are removed. Generally, the session for both therapies can last for three hours.

Most insurance policies cover hyperthermia, but to be sure, you have to ask the insurer to avoid surprises. If it is covered, you don’t have to buy Xalkori or other cancer medicines unless prescribed by your doctor.

Aside from radiation therapy, hyperthermia can also be used with anti-cancer drugs. Today, most of the therapies are focused on local hyperthermia, but the medical industry is now looking into an experimental treatment that involves the whole body using such therapy.

When used by itself, this treatment is ineffective. Therefore, you have to consult with your doctor about the possible options. The cancer treatment medication can have side effects like fatigue and pain. In moderate to high hyperthermia levels, bleeding, blood clots, and swelling may occur. The highest risk is with the whole-body treatment wherein the patient can experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and sunstroke symptoms.

Know the cancer treatment options, and workout the best plan with the help of your doctor.

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