Traveling Alone – No Boundaries of Enjoyment!!

Travelling is such an enthralling activity known only to those who have actually travelled. While travelling in groups has its own charm, traveling solo brings more freedom and transcend one from being a mere mortal. Solo traveling brings an experience of bliss, rejuvenate us for the life ahead. Nowadays the trend has changed completely. Once accompanied by a male partner, today woman desire to spend some quality time with her own self whilst exploring a new city or even country.

Besides safety, which should be top of the list of priorities, a solo woman traveler must seek facilities like spas, dining, museum, shopping, hotels and relaxation. The must visit destinations for solo women travelers are:

  • Scandinavia

Sweden, Norway and Denmark are considered to be the best place for women to live, they are also regarded safe for solo traveling and so that makes our first choice. Traveling is easy and they also have mass transit with prior reservation facilities and extremely supportive English speaking locals. The sophisticated and developed capital cities of Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm are the best places to start a tour.

  • Ireland

If you are a social butterfly, Ireland is the right place for you. Ireland’s countryside offers gorgeous landscapes, which are perfect for countryside photo shoots. For single women, Irish men wouldn’t mind breaking the ice if they see a woman drinking alone.  Ireland has a great pub culture and there is no taboo about women drinking. Brazen head, Dublin is one of the best pubs. The castles are beautiful and enchanting; among a few are Cahir Castle, Trim Castle, and Kilkenny Castle.

  • Las Vegas

A trip to Vegas is what anyone would dream of with its fancy hotels, famous restaurants, and for a solo woman traveler it is much easier to find last minute deals for single seats to Sin City’s best live shows and cabarets. Regardless, because of the amount of solo business travelers in Vegas, dining and going to shows alone is quite common and you will not stick out as a sore thumb as a solo traveler. Most hotels in Las Vegas are also guarded with high security, so you can feel safe in Sin City.


  • Thailand

Thailand is also perfect for solo women travelers – perhaps because it promotes equality amongst the sexes being a place of Buddhist approach. Besides food, if you are the person of eclectic kind, there are numerous things to purchase in Thailand for great prices. If shopping isn’t on the top of your priorities, and you are the more adventurous type, get a guided ramble into the forest, scuba dive in captivate blue water, or you can also pick parasailing, which is very much liked activity at most beaches in Thailand. The most excellent point about this budget-friendly destination is the extraordinarily economical rates you will find at most spas in the country when you want to wind down after your day of adventure.

So, with all the above information, ladies pack your bags and discover some amazing time for yourself!

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