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Amsterdam is a very unique city where people live life on the edge. It is renowned for the Red Light District and its carefree lifestyle. This city is easy to navigate on foot, by bike or boat and there are lots of interesting things to see and do. The best time to tour Amsterdam is all the time as there are fun things to do all year round. However, many people like visiting Amsterdam in the summer times because the weather conditions are more favorable. It is also very crowded in that time and thus the prices for everything are higher.


It is cheaper to visit Amsterdam in the winter as the hotel prices are slashed substantially.There are Amsterdam hotels for every kind of tourist from the more conservative people to the flamboyant ones. The Hilton Amsterdam hotel is one of the more luxurious hotels in this city. It is located in the picturesque center of zuid and is surrounded by a waterside garden. There is free internet available in the hotel for those who like to stay connected .When you book a room in this hotel, you can sip a cocktail while overlooking the scenic marina. It is strategically located near an airport and one of the best restaurants in Holland known as the Roberto’s Restaurant.

As for things to do there is never a shortage of them in Amsterdam. Contrary to popular belief, this city has a host of other things to do apart from the renowned vices. There are museums, parks and monumental buildings that are sure to take your breath way. The Resistance Museum is a great place to see and it is adjacent to the Artis Zoo. If you have any questions about the city of Amsterdam, you are likely to find the answers at this museum. It opens daily to the public and charges a reasonable entry price.

You can save money by getting an Amsterdam card and enjoy free public transport and admission into some museums. The streets of Amsterdam are rife with cycling activities. It is a bicycle friendly city and most locals prefer to use bicycles to get around. Instead of using a lot of money on taxi cabs, you should join the locals on their cycling expeditions.

With the world class facilities for cyclers in Amsterdam, you are guaranteed to have a fun time. Cycling has surpassed socio-economic boundaries as all classes of people ride bicycles for convenience. If you want to save on money rent a bicycle at local stores because car park fees are too high. If you have eccentric tastes, you can walk by the red light district to get a taste of just how carefree life is in this city is.

Prostitution is legalized in Amsterdam thus the popularity of this place. However, taking pictures of the prostitutes is disallowed and you can be arrested for it. Canals are the signature traits of this city. Therefore, you can get around by boat as you take in the beautiful sights and attractions. With one ticket, you can stop at different tourist attractions.

Also tourist often come to Amsterdam with illegal substances on their mind. City of Amsterdam has recently been more and more strict on the drug use policy and use of marijuana is mostly prohibited to tourists these days. Amsterdam is much more than a wild city made for hedonists. It has so much to offer, from it’s museums and art galleries to the most beautiful canals. Try to visit Amsterdam and experience it’s beauty for your self as visiting Amsterdam can not be a miss and you will be astonished with it.

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