Top 5 Sites to Display Your Digital Portfolio

Top 5 Sites to Display Your Digital Portfolio For more and more working professionals, having an online presence is a must. LinkedIn profiles connect the business world, but many people need a place to put a digital portfolio of their work. This trend started mainly with photographers, artists, and computer and web programmers and designers, but it has become so popular that now many people in various industries, like those who run an online printing company, feel the need to maintain an online portfolio for potential clients or employers. Fortunately, a variety of free or cheap solutions exist, and many require little actually knowledge of website design. is by far the most beautiful of any of the sites listed here. Browse their gallery of pages and instantly you’ll want to create your own. While doesn’t actually host your portfolio, it makes a great starting page to reference on business cards. provides space for a short bio, and then links to other places to find information about you online – so you can link to a portfolio on a personal website, a resume, a LinkedIn profile, or virtually anything else that might be relevant (including a number of social networks).


While WordPress is primarily thought of as a blogging platform, it has a number of great portfolio templates. Widgets can display photos, and the easily updatable system is great for someone who wants to keep their portfolio current – you can make a new post every time you have a new project. Free WordPress sites are available at, and you can download the software to run on your own site at You can also find hosting packages with WordPress pre-installed, so you don’t have to have any technical skills to run a WordPress website.


Weebly is a great, free, design your own website platform. The prebuilt templates and simple site designer make building your digital portfolio simple. Weebly isn’t overly complicated, so it’s easy to host your portfolio without having superfluous content on your site.

Your Own Site

Building your own website may sound complicated to some people, but it doesn’t have to involve mastering several web programming languages and elements of graphic design. You can either use software or hire a company to do all the hard work for you at a relatively inexpensive price. Having your own website looks very professional, especially for small business owners such as photographers.

Webs is the most general website design platform here, and isn’t quite as good as the others. However it is great at being simple and free, and really does have all the features you need to put some portfolio content online.

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