Top 3 Pre-Wedding Fights that Frustrate Engaged Couples!

So you and your sweetheart have decided to tie the knot. You are basking in a pre-wedding glow that speaks of a happy engagement and you are happily looking forward to the ‘I dos’. Not exactly? If you are finding the engagement period a little stressful, you are definitely not alone. Once the happy proposal is over, the enormity of what is to come sinks in as does the often stressful and hectic wedding planning. Not to mention planning the future of yourself as husband and wife. Nerves get frazzled and tempers can wear thin.


When planning your wedding you dream of the finest clothes you want to buy, the diamonds and jewellery you will adorn yourself with, the flowers, the décor and the menu etc. It is possible to lose sight of each other in all the hustle bustle and frustrations and fights start becoming part of the experience. Don’t be disheartened or disappointed and tackle sticky issues as calmly and openly as possible.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common issues that plague engaged couples –

1.  Money matters

More often that not it is all about the money, honey! Financial and money talks are the leading cause for fights among couples today both before and after the wedding. It could be regarding your wedding budget and how it is going to be allocated and what you can spend on, or it might be about how much it should be in the first place. Money disagreements can go downhill real fast especially when you are tired and frustrated to begin with. Chalking out a clear plan of action and having a calm, honest discussion is the only way to go. Wedding expenses need to be an equal decision with both parties taking part and reaching a compromise. This will also lay the foundation for money talks to come in the future. Before you get married you must discuss and be clear about your financial situation and debt if any, so that the both of you plan a course of action together.

2.  Family frustrations

Ah, you are marrying the love of your life and well, his family too! Frustrations with family members and spats can certainly pick up during the engagement period. Whether it is too much of family involvement in the wedding planning process, too much family on the guest list or feuding family members arguing over the proceedings, this is one area that has to be handled with a little more sensitivity and tact. Do talk together about how to handle the situation and gauge how to deal with the issue at hand. Sometimes you just have to keep an open mind and listen and if the situation demands maybe give in a little as well.

 3.  Wedding planning woes

Many brides to be get totally frustrated with the lack of the groom’s involvement in the wedding planning process and men often fear their previously sweet girlfriends turning into a complete bridezilla! If you are worried that your man isn’t showing too much interest or pitching in as much as you want, then start assigning him tasks that are more up his alley, like taking care of the music or getting the food arranged for example. Also remember, men in general are unlikely to get enthused over things like the flowers and décor; you have your best friend for that! In case you find yourself turning into a stressed and obsessed bride always remember that your relationship and the reasons why you are getting married are more important than the wedding itself!

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