Tips to Personalise Your Study or Home Office


It’s easy to forget about an uninspiring home office or study but adding a few personal touches could revitalise this room and give it a new lease of life.

1. Get Green-fingered
Plants are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a little life and soul to a room. As well as adding a touch of colour, plants require your care and attention if they are to thrive which instantly gives you a reason to start paying more attention to your home office or study. Ready-potted plants are easy to find at greengrocers shops, garden centres and supermarkets so it should be simple to find one you like. If you’re not very green-fingered, choose a low-maintenance option like a spider plant. Most pot plants simply require regular watering and occasional plant food. Small plants look great on desk corners, while large plants can soften an empty shelf or end table. If your office or study has a decent-sized window, consider installing a window box on the outside sill. This is a brilliant way to incorporate a feeling of outdoors into your office and instantly improves the view from your window.

2. Add Some Colour
Most home offices and studies tend to be quite small, which is often why they’ve been used as a study and not a bedroom. If space is an issue but you want to soften your room and add colour, cushions, rugs and curtains or window drapes can be ideal. A brightly coloured cushion on a chair not only looks inviting but adds comfort. Pretty curtains soften the room and add a personal touch, while a rug does the same. Fabric wall hangings are another way to add colour to a room and won’t take up valuable space.

3. Get Creative
One of the fastest ways to personalise your home office or study is to add some handmade wall art. Taking photos of your family is an obvious way to decorate your walls, but there are many other options, too. If you have young children, get them to draw pictures of your house, family or pets and frame these to add a colourful, personal wall gallery. Even better, it is possible to get your child’s works of art mounted in perspex which creates a permanent and stylish wall display. If you don’t want to use photographs, ask your family to pick out favourite greetings cards, postcards or prints they have kept. Mounted in matching frames, even the simplest cards suddenly look impressive and expensive.

4. Customise you Furniture
If you have quality furniture in your home office or study but you’ve fallen out of love with it, consider customising it. Some items lend themselves more to this than others, with bookcases, shelving and hardwood desks being ideal. Painting wood is a quick and simple way to customise furniture and avoid furniture at work complaints, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, decoupage not only personalises your furniture, but it works well and is surprisingly easy.

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