Tips to Get that Runway Ready Look

We can’t hide the fact that runway models often became inspirations for conventional and unconventional make ups we sport. They became the hub of fashion idea and make up insights we more often than not, tried to copy. Their make ups and skin seems so perfect and we wanted to know why.

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Models, just like us use skin products, they aren’t as perfect as they look cat walking down the runways. The idea there is to know which product to use. Now you get the idea. Right product, right make up right colors plus correct skin care.

How about getting that runway ready look?

So for the time being, you should start at the very basic. Get these tips below.

1. First, as I said invest in beauty care. You can’t go all the way perfect without a good skin though make up can hide that. Anyway, clean, tone, moisturize every day. Keep the ritual. Avoid harsh pollutants such as sun, smog’s and dry environment. Buy products suited for your skin.

2. Then, if you’ve primed your face and it looks healthy and glowing, you can start make up improvement. Start with your foundation. You can use the caked or the liquid one. Choose one based on your skin type and skin color. Always remember to choose foundations that are a little shade darker than your skin tone. In applying foundation blend well and choose which part of face to highlight. Use products that are on the natural side or opt for water based.

3. Highlight brow line. Use definitely softer color such as brown instead of black. If you go for unconventional make ups such as other model themes, you can use fun colors. But be sure to pull it off.

4. Blush on. So there is a cream and a powder for this. Cream can blend well and caked powder can be a breeze with a brush. You can use airbrush too. Blush on will depend on your face type and shape. Compliment your ship. Put in minimal.

5. Eye color. So eye shadow and eye shades can perfect the runway look. Some collection offered a variety of style to choose one. You can use the two tone shadows, volume up your eyeliners for geometric look, smoky eyes, bold colors, cat eye line and many more. Be sure to put on that mascara after. You can opt for some false eyelashes. For unconventional look, eyelash color can be chosen with your fun side. Just make sure that your color won’t make you look like a clown.

6. Lip color. So lip color can make or break your look. Now, ask first, which part would you like to highlight? Your eyes? Your cheeks or your lips? If it’s the lips then opt for that bold colors, get the red or choose brown, plum and orange. Make sure to lip line but not too define and add a gloss for shiny effect or you can opt for the matte look.

7. Now finalize your look with a great hair. Do it in French twists with colored highlights, teased looks, disheveled ponytail, braid it, get big curls or highlight it with ultra chic scarves.

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