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Lighting can have a considerable impact on the overall style of your bathroom and so should not be overlooked. The right lighting can create a soft, calming ambience and make it feel as if you have a little spa right inside your home!


Types Of Lighting
There are two main types of lighting which you will need to include – ambient and task. The former is used to create, as its name suggests, an ambience in the room. Ambient lighting can add character to the space and make it look more inviting. Task lighting is used for specific activities, such as showering or shaving.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting can come in many forms, but bathroom ceiling lights are typically used for this purpose. These come in a huge range of styles and vary from very traditional fixtures, to much more contemporary, minimalistic ones. Recessed lighting may be a good option if you want to create an even spread of light over the entire room, rather than having a harsh light in the centre of the room and shadows everywhere else. When it comes to ambient lighting, it is advisable to invest in dimmer switches, which are very useful for those who like to vary the level of light in the bathroom, depending on the time of day. For instance, on dreary winter mornings, it can be nice to have a bright light in the bathroom, but when you want to sink into a hot bath at the end of the day and relax, you might prefer softer lighting. Dimmer switches allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Task Lighting
Task lights are a must-have by the mirror above the sink, as this will make it far easier to see what you are doing when you are shaving or applying make-up. To avoid creating shadows which can make these activities trickier, make sure to add three task lights, with one above and one at either side, as this will create an even flood of light across your face when you look into the mirror. Alternatively, you may want to invest in a mirror which comes with lights around the border.

If there is a particular part of your bathroom that you love; whether it is a beautiful free standing bathtub, or large, luxurious shower, you may want to highlight this area using some lights. Spotlights are ideal for this; they can be adjusted to shine light directly onto your chosen feature, so you could, for example, install bathroom ceiling lights right above your shower, or use under cabinet lighting to show off a beautifully made sink. You can also add recessed down lights for sections of the bathroom which you want to highlight, but which might get wet. Adding a light next to your bathtub is a fantastic way not only to highlight the tub itself, but also to make it easier for you to read a book whilst you soak in the bath.

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