Tips: How to Choose the Best Quality Caravan Movers

If you have bought a caravan then another purchase you will have to make is that of a caravan mover. Why do you need a caravan mover? Because this product essentially makes it easier for you to manoeuvre your caravan. It is no secret that manoeuvring a caravan is not always a simple task. However, it is made much easier with the help of a caravan mover. The only difficult part is deciding which one to buy. After all, there are lots of various caravan movers available online and in stores today. In order to narrow down your search to be left with the best quality caravan movers, you should consider the following points.


When buying a caravan mover it is a juggling act between price and quality. Of course you want to benefit from a good deal; however, if the quality of the product is poor then you are only going to end up spending more money which you have to inevitably replace. Once you are assured of quality you can then let price be the determining factor. You can expect to pay anything from about £500 to £800 for a caravan mover. Nonetheless, some of the more advanced products are more expensive than this.


You need to determine the weight of your caravan and then make sure the caravan mover has the capacity to handle this. Remember; it is the loaded weight of the caravan you will have to bear in mind. If it weighs less than 1800 kg then you will be fine with a single or twin axle. However, if your caravan weighs more than 1800 kg when loaded, you must look for a stronger mover, such as a four motor system.


Earlier when mentioning price, the imperativeness of quality was touched upon. When spending such a substantial amount of money you need to be safe in the knowledge that the caravan mover is going to last you for years and years to come. Read the specification of the product to check whether it is of a high standard or not. For instance, are the rollers created with non-corrosive alloy?

Cross actuation

You should look for a caravan motor boasting this feature. This gives you the possibility of engaging motors on both wheels from either side. The best caravan motors on the market today boast this feature.

Stay away from chain driven motors

It is highly advised to stay away from chain driven motors. A lot of caravan motors on the market today fit into this category, however many would agree that quality is not the greatest. Why? Well the chains will easily stretch after a short amount of use and thus you will need to end up changing them a lot quicker than anticipated. Instead you can go for an integrated gearbox system or something like that.

Ease of use

And finally, how easy is the caravan motor to use? This is important. After all, the whole reason for buying the motor is to make moving your caravan a lot easier so you definitely don’t want to end up complicating things.

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