Tips on Choosing the Right Prom Dress

Only a couple extra-special times in life give you the opportunity to wear an amazingly glamorous gown. For this reason, you need to make your prom night perfect with the right prom dress. You need a dress that will flatter the shape of your body in a color that brings out the beauty you were born with!

Start Early

Begin the search for your prom dress several months before the prom. Although you may still be waiting for that special someone to ask you, start looking in stores and fashion magazines. You can also watch some of the special events that celebrities attend to get an idea of what you like. You may be able to find similar gowns at your local boutique.


Do not choose a dress just because everyone else will be wearing it. Be your own person and choose something you like, not something you feel everybody else will like. This is your prom night too, be happy with your choice.


Consider the amount you are willing to spend on your prom dress and begin saving right away. Comparison shopping is always a plus. Waiting until last minute may mean facing higher costs.


Remember to save a little bit of money for your accessories as well. Some of the accessories you need to purchase are shoes, pantyhose, hair clips and jewelry. Begin the search for these items about two months before the prom. That way, you will have time to try all your items on together a couple of weeks before prom to make sure they are exactly what you want.

Hair and Makeup

If you intend to have your hair and make-up done professionally, you need to add the charges for those services into your budget. If not, be sure to use a ‘cover-up’ on prom night to protect your gown as you apply your make- up and style your hair.


Try on a variety of dress styles to find the one that will look the best and accentuate your body shape.

  • If you are slim, you may want to look at a sheath-style dress to show off your amazing silhouette.
  • For those with a curvy figure, many times an A-line dress will highlight your waist while minimizing the hips and thighs.
  • For the petite girl, shopping for a prom dress can be treacherous. A party dress turns into a cocktail dress and the cocktail dress becomes a full gown. If you are interested in a longer dress, try to find a short dress for taller girls that will be long on you. This dress will fit you nicely all over and it will not be too long.


Now, your choices should be narrowed down to a particular style of dress. Try that particular style on in various finishes and colors. Find a shade that looks glamorous on you, bringing out the beauty of your skin tone, hair and eye color. When considering which fabric finish to use, remember that matte finished material hides flaws in your figure whereas the shinier finish will not.

Choose and then purchase your prom dress no less than four weeks prior to your prom. The majority of formal gowns require alterations to ensure a perfect fit. You need to allow time for completion of these alterations so you have the perfect dress.

The earliest you should purchase your dress is six weeks in advance. This is because if you buy it too far in advance you may gain or lose weight, making your already purchased prom dress the wrong size.

Comfort is also important on your prom night. Make sure your dress allows you to move around freely.

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