Tips and Ideas on Innovative Kitchen Storage

Considering that most of the house activities are centered on the kitchen, it should be the place where maximum attention is given in terms of organization, ease of use and neatness. Homebuilders are putting forth innovative storage ideas to make storage in the kitchen easier and more effective. The ideas forwarded make for a convenient form of storage that is fun, efficient and customized to fit the available space, different house designs and preferences.

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Storage Drawers

Most standard house designs feature kitchen cabinets with about four or five single drawers. The usual arrangement is that silverware and cutlery occupy the top drawers; the second drawer contains cooking implements while the rest contain junk and other equipment that are not used often. There are numerous out of the norm ways in which you can utilize drawers. These include.

Store the everyday pots and pans in the drawers rather than the shelves. They are much easier to access this way.

Use drawer organizers. There are numerous drawer inserts that can be used to make organizing easier. There are are made to fit the standard size drawers, but if the dimensions are unique, you can have them custom made to fit. These include dish racks and drawer dividers. There serve to prevent the items from sliding around the drawer, or keeping different items separate but within the same drawer.

You can double or even triple the amount of storage space in a drawer by inserting vertical dividers. They act as drawers within the main drawer. They are mainly plastic in nature, but can also be made out of light and thin wood.

Shelves provide a prime storage space, particularly in the kitchen. Innovative shelving ideas include;
A lazy susan is a rotating form of shelving. It is most effectively used in the corner space. You can use it to store items that items that are bound to get lost in all the clutter, but are used once in a while. All you have to do is rotate the lazy susan to access the items. You can have the homebuilder make one for you, or purchase one already made.

Shelves can be installed behind doors. This is one of the areas that are hardly used for storage. Light, plastic storage racks and shelving can be installed in the inside of the doors to make ready space for storage

Inclusion of pantries in house designs provides for prime storage space. If it is not inbuilt there are various options available which include pull out pantries from the supermarket. They can easily fit next to the fridge and cooker for storage. In addition, if there is no large space enough for a full pantry, you can have the home builder install cut out shelves, which, though smaller, allow for ease of access and fit into tight spaces. Lastly, have a corner pantry installed by the home builder. They require about a meter of space on each perpendicular wall. They can provide storage space out of seemingly useless corner spaces. Have all of these in mind when you are making house designs or consulting your builders.

Junk and Useless Stuff Compartment
Almost every room has some form of junk; the kitchen has the most varied junk. The whole clutter effect is brought about by storing the junk together with the other more useful items. Accessing the important items through the junk is frustrating and cumbersome. Create a clutter compartment, where all the items that one does not know where to store should be kept.

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