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Nowadays, babies are our treasure.  We spend most of the spirit on them and hope to offer them the best as possible as we can. However, in today’s high tech society, everywhere is full of chemical substances and pollution. How to provide them safe as well as comfortable environment for them? Especially in urban places, even some adults cannot stand the polluted environment and living conditions. Therefore, we should try our best create good atmosphere for our babies. Yang Lisa from Melody Home shows you three principles.



Safety ranks first

Safety is the key consideration for the baby room decorating. As babies are lively and active as well as curious about everything, it is easy to cause accident for them. Therefore, the design for the baby room should give every place some extra care such as put guard bar for the window, no corner angle for the furniture and arc edges. For the material, no matter for the wall, the roof or the flooring, you should adopt avirulent and tasteless natural material to reduce the pollution from the home decorating. For the flooring, you had better use wood flooring. Besides, you should take the slip resistance ability into consideration.


Nature material

As the kids is often in a state of restless, the equipment for the kids’ room should suit their natural character. The soft and natural ones are the best choices. You may create cozy sleeping environment by using durable, easy to restore and price acceptable materials such as carpet, solid wood, wall cloth and plastic. For the style of the furniture, you had better pick the small and exquisite, concise, plain and novel ones. Small and exquisite suite the physical characters of the kids, which accord with lovely and active natural instincts. Concise conform to the kids’ innocence. The plain can cultivate their sincere character.


Adequate light

Suitable and adequate illuminating is able to make the room warmer as well as safer, which is helpful for kids to eliminate the fear feeling when they are alone. The illumination level for the baby’s room has to be higher than the adults’. Normally, there are two kinds of layout: from the whole or the partial. When they are playing around, you may adopt integrate illuminating. When they are reading picture books, you might as well intensify the illumination by the partial adjustable lamp to get the most suitable light. Besides, you may install the night-light with low wattage or install the adjuster on the other lamps for the sake of children convenience in the night.

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