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If you are looking for a fun science project ideas for kids then here we have three exciting ideas. Read on below

Three Fun Projects that Will Get Your Kid Excited About Science

Edible Science

When snow crystals are falling outside, you can have fun growing crystals inside. Helping children grow sugar crystals takes patience but yields cool results. All crystals have molecules that repeat a certain pattern. A number of solids are crystals, but since most people have table sugar on hand, it’s a good place to start.

First, help the children to heat about a cup of water until it’s boiling. Remove the water from heat, and begin to slowly dissolve sugar in the water. It will probably take about three cups before the water is fully saturated, which occurs when no more sugar will dissolve. While you stir, you can explain saturation. Once the sugar solution is fully saturated, have the children add some food coloring. Then carefully pour the solution into a glass jar. You can put a pipe cleaner in the jar or suspend a paper clip on a string inside the jar. Within a day or so, as the water begins to evaporate, colorful crystals will begin to form on the pipe cleaner or the paper clip. The longer you leave the jar alone, the more beautiful crystals will form!

Outdoor Scientist

As the weather gets warmer, let your kids become spring detectives and see what they can collect outdoors that will make for fun microscope viewing. Soil, small buds, brand new leaves and bits of bark are all possibilities. Try stems and flower petals too. Viewing leaves and stems under the microscope lens will help children to understand the network of veins that enable plants to suck up moisture from the soil. You can find good microscopes at http://www.microscope.com/compound-microscopes/schools-students/. Have them sketch the intricate networks they see. To enforce the learning, purchase a light-colored flower, like a carnation, and place it in water and food coloring. The white flower will suck up water through the stem and eventually turn a pale color.

Creating Science

Kids get excited about any science experiment that’s edible! And who can resist learning how to make their own butter? You don’t need an old-fashioned churn, just a pint of store-bought cream and a clean jar. For added fun, place a clean marble in the jar along with the cream and have the kids take turns shaking. When they stop hearing the marble, they’ll know the cream has thickened. When they begin to hear it again, they’ll know that fat is starting to separate from water, because of the force of their shaking, and see the butter beginning to form.


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