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Have you always struggled to find a party trick? If so, take a leaf out of the book from a London table magician and practice some of these popular card tricks, which are both easy to master and guaranteed to make an impression at this year’s Christmas social events.


The 4 Appearing Aces

  • First, remove the four aces from your deck of cards and place them on the top, without allowing any spectators to notice.
  • Without moving the aces, shuffle your deck and split in half and then into quarters. The four aces should now be on the top of the fourth pile.
  • Starting with the pile furthest away from the pile with the aces, remove the first three cards from the first pile and move its first three cards to the bottom. Deal the next first three cards from the first pile onto the other three piles, and repeat with the other three piles.
  • If done correctly, when you turn over the top card of each pile you’ll reveal all four aces.

The 4 Kings Are Always Together

  • To start, separate all the kings (you could also use queens or jacks) as well as three extra cards. Put them together and fan them out, making sure to hide the three additional cards behind the left King.
  • Create a story which explains why the Kings stick together, which could be that they are going to rob a bank, they are good friends– use this as a chance to get creative!
  • Proceed to place the Kings face down on the top of the deck so it appears that the four top cards are the Kings, when in fact the four top cards are one King and your three extra spares.
  • Lift the first extra card (“the first King”) from the top and put it back in the deck at the bottom,  place the “second king” in the middle and the “third King” near the top, but not too close to the top as this is where your real King cards are.
  • Keep the fourth King on the top of the deck, showing him to your audience before explaining that the Kings now need to get together at the top.
  • Tap on the deck four times before displaying the first four cards, which will all be Kings, from the top of the deck to your audience, before inviting someone to check through the remaining deck to check for any spare Kings.

The Sandwich Trick

  • Choose a volunteer to shuffle your deck of cards to show that you have not tampered or rigged the deck, before receiving them and fanning them out for your volunteer to select one. It’s a good idea to have only one volunteer for this trick as when performed in front of a group, they are more likely to see how you did it.
  • Tell your volunteer to memorize the card, but not to show it to you.
  • Secretly flip the bottom card of the deck over whilst your volunteer is focussed on memorizing the card. If you need extra time, draw this process out as no one must see you do this in order for the trick to work.
  • This will now turn the deck into a sandwich, where both the top and bottom cards are face down.Turn the deck over so that the flipped card is on top, before asking your volunteer to place the card back anywhere they want within the deck.
  • Secretly turn the deck over again, so that the card that was flipped originally is now at the bottom of the deck again.
  • If this is done correctly, the card selected by your volunteer will now easy to find as it will be the only card face up, apart from the card on the bottom which you flipped originally. Fan the deck to find the card before surprising your volunteer.

These three beginners cards tricks will be sure to raise a few smiles at your Christmas party this year, however if you struggle with your sleight of hand, why not organize for a corporate magician to visit instead?

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