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The Top 5 Coolest Kids Science Shows Ever For many of us, our first exposure to science and how cool it could be came on Saturday morning from the TV set. With the emergence of dtv, those old favorites– as well as some newer science shows– are available to the next generation of kids. Read on to learn about some of the coolest educational kids’ science shows ever made.

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Bill Nye was the best. He knew about chemistry, biology, ecology, and physics, and he brought them home with awesome experiments that made sense and a bow tie that always looked great. If your parents were laid back enough, you might have even tried a few of them at home. Bill Nye had both style and substance, and that’s why his show was successful.

Beakman’s World
From 1992 to 1998, Beakman and Jax taught kids all over the world about physics, chemistry, and biology. They performed experiments similar to those seen on Bill Nye the Science guy, but with a “punky “ flair (and a lab rat assistant) that hasn’t been matched by any other show since.

Zoom wasn’t all about science, but when it was, it was practical and hands-on. The Zoom credo was, don’t just sit there, do it! Zoom was created by kids for kids, answered viewer’s questions using cool experiments on the air, and created many projects involving engineering, chemistry, and physics that kids could easily duplicate at home. It was the ultimate in hands-on tv.

Science isn’t all about experiments, though. Zoboomafoo, featuring the crazy Kratt brothers, was all about zoology, biology, and ecology. Kids were brought face-to-face with wild animals, learning about their individual ecosystems and how they adapted to live where they did. The Kratts brought evolutionary biology to the small screen in an exciting and adventurous way.

The Magic School Bus
The only animated show on our list, The Magic School Bus was based on a series of books by the same name. That incredible bus could go anywhere! Kids traveled inside of computers, the human body, and even under the ocean to understand how things work. Still in syndication, the Magic School Bus is the longest running kids’ science show in history, and it’s one of the top rated ones, too.

From chemistry to physics to biology and more, kids can learn about science right at home on dtv. Many long distance plans already include these shows in their tv bundle line-ups. Beyond just an empty pastime to fill up the hours, these coolest kids’ science shows expanded children’s brains in addition to providing quality entertainment.

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