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The newest Audi A6 proves that even with exciting new features, light-weight works.

Without going overboard with size and features, Audi have significantly developed the A6, improving its efficiency. Undeniably, aiming to become number one with drivers, are the changes enough to thrust it into the spotlight?

Photo credit www.audi.co.uk

Photo credit www.audi.co.uk


Audi believe that the previous A6 was the most top selling saloon worldwide. But in fact, the majority of sales come from China, where the A6 has exceeded in competing against top brands, including the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series. However, Western Europe sales tell a different story, with drivers favouring other brands. With the upgraded A6, Audi may see the tables turn. The new innovative features, and focus on lightweight manufacturing, will see the likes of BMW and Mercedes begin to worry about their competition.

Driving Experience

Although lightweight construction is usually associated with sports cars, it can also refine the driving experience of executive cars. There are many advantages including improved acceleration, braking and overall handling.

As Audi took a long time to fine tune the suspension structure, the A6 does not have a great reputation for driving experience. With the new A6, Audi have rectified their mistakes by using aluminium parts. This has removed any unnecessary weight from the suspension system.

The A6 boats four engines, with the main focus on competence and efficiency, and a 2.0 litre TDI diesel being marked as a best seller. Audi also offer three other 3.0 litre diesel options, with one of the latest additions being the 3.0 BitDI. It is capable of doing over 60mph in less than 5.5 seconds.

Design and Build

A lasting memory of the previous A6 has to be the size. It really was a massive car. This may be favourable with passengers, but it did not do much in terms of having a dynamic driving experience. It is great to see that Audi did not make the same mistake twice. Unlike its predecessor, the new A6 is smaller, but even with this adjustment there is still a nice amount of legroom.

Audi have kept the exterior design of the car pretty simple. Although subtle, the finish of the A6 is striking, likewise for the interior, which is sleek and highly detailed. For more on the current model, including prices, options, and specifications, see our review of the 2014 Audi A6 and S6.

Market and Model

Compared to its rivals, the A6 definitely offers great value, especially considering what is included. For the 2.0 litre diesel, prices begin at just over £28,000. With this, you get satellite navigation, leather upholstery, sports suspension, alloy wheels, Bluetooth phone access and so much more.

With the phone preparation you have access to a wide range of services, not to mention Google weather and news. You are even able to plan your journey ahead on a computer and then upload it for your trip, with Google Earth images appearing on your dashboard. The A6 also comes with driver aids, from night vision access – thermal camera – to parking assistance. As well as heated seats there is a massage function that really enhances the comfort factor.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership is really hard to resist. As the A6 is favoured with a lot of business drivers, Audi have focused on reducing C02 emissions, which in turn reduce tax.  In the near future, Audi plans to introduce a 2.0 litre petrol-electric hybrid. It will not produce any C02 emissions and will be ideal for city drivers.

With regenerative breaking and an engine stop/start, the alternator drag is dramatically reduced while driving, saving money in the long run. Electrical assisted power steering also acts to prevent fuel wastage.


The A6 really is an interesting saloon. With financial and environmental factors now being equally important, Audi has focused on both, making the new A6 a worthy competitor. While this may be favoured by environmentalists and panellists, is it enough to outshine other popular brands? This A6, like the previous one, still seems to lack any real pizazz, an essential quality for a car to become a top seller.

The more money we pay for a car, the more it indicates our need to produce a certain look. A lot of drivers choose cars that will draw in attention, models that really shout out premium quality. While the A6 comes at a reasonably high price tag, it is just too subtle to turn heads, and at risk of being pushed aside by other brands. Regardless of this, if you are going for an understated look, then the A6 may just be perfect for you.

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