The Cost of a Stair Lift In Your Home

A Stairlift can be a liberating investment, restoring safety and freedom for those who have mobility problems. How much will this liberation cost? To estimate a stair lift price realistically, several factors need to be taken into account. These include the purchase of the stair lift itself, whether or not the model is brand new or reconditioned, the quality and duration of the warranty and maintenance contract and what the resale value of the stair lift will be.

The basic stair lift prices do not necessarily include the additional costs that will give consumers a true picture of the total price.


Experts recommended that an engineer should call at least once a year to make safety checks and carry out maintenance. Even if a reconditioned Stairlift has been purchased, suppliers should still include a warranty for the first year of use. This will provide great piece of mind and protection against any defects. It is important to remember the size and shape of your staircase, the resale value of any Stairlift custom made to your requirements could be very little.

Before making any decisions, the customer should shop around and ask questions about the true costs of the stair lift being considered. It is vital you do not confuse a low purchase price with value for money. You need to ensure the stair lift you buy is suitable for your own needs; it’s all about practical value.

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