The Art of Jewels

When it first came down to making jewelry it was all about the principles of class and grandeur. One could never know if jewelry could also represent art and eclectics. But jewels over the years have come to become standpoints from where the flow and thought of the fashion world is glimpsed, probed and seen through. With this in mind the concept of abstract jewelry, children’s jewelry or perhaps even costume jewelry have become pillars of the changing thought flow.  A ceremony that awaits and awakens the glide of jewelry into an individual’s life could either transform a day or maybe make a celebratory pass at what it stands to own timeless pieces.

The world of jewelry is dominated by certain loved stones and metals. These in turn can be individually used or paired with each other to create dreamless looks.  It all starts with:

1.  Diamonds:

They say diamonds are girl’s best friend and they say it rightly so. These are supposedly the best way to make you glitter and shine. From simple solitaire studs to accomplished sets of the tiniest of the lovelies can make any woman go weak in her knees. The perfect way to propose is through a diamond. You can never go wrong with one. Also, a blend of diamonds and platinum is said to enfold heaven right here on earth.

2.  Gold :

Traditionally coming from the Arabs, gold has become the centre of jewelry making over centuries. From the perfect engagement band to a heavy yellow gold set which are the prime markers of a South Indian wedding, gold has come to be known for its versatility and glam. From the Italian’s way of making bold and floral pieces of gold jewelry to the Egyptians carving out solid blocks and biscuits of the precious metal, jewelry without gold is unthinkable.

3.  Platinum:

When gold is threatened for its beauty, it must be known that platinum has arrived. Simply elegant in its standing, this precious metal has a unique charm of its own. From the thinnest chains which hold elaborate modern pendants of rubies or emeralds, to funky everyday jewelry that consist of playful shapes of a myriad of colors, platinum is also one of the most expensive metals on the scoreboard at the moment. It is known for its magical ability to blend in and partner up with gold and diamonds to create those one-of – a – kind pieces we all crave for.

4.  Pearls:

The heirloom grandma’s necklace which is nothing but a string of pearls that you used to play dress up in? Or a corset embedded with the richest of oyster pearls that you could get your hands on, jewelry has never been classier until the advent of the white pearls. They are the perfect droppings for chandeliers or the thick choker with emeralds or sapphires. They match perfect with a good old Rado watch on a day shopping in town. Pearls have been underestimated in their oomph quotient and perhaps it is time we give these little babies a whole deal more credit.

Also turning the scene over with their dramatic shapes and concepts is the upcoming art of children’s jewelry. ‘Jewelry for a cause’ has come to stand for creations that are funky and alive and engage the style sense of tiny toddlers while encouraging them to be a part of larger social causes which are the need for the hour. These pieces promote messages of peace and love through unique sign symbols or nature artistry and are simply stunning to look at and wear.



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