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Can you imagine the surveys that claim the benefits games have on all of us health wise? Yes it is true. From the very natural reasons of physical strength to the more invisible reasons of increased concentration power, gaming has changed the maps of how to be healthy. It does not require a genius to figure out the obvious fitness that a physical sport can guarantee but gaming even on a virtual level has become one of the best ways of healing stress be it through DMI pool tables or basketball. Here are the different ways gaming is beneficial:


1.      A medium to heal Illnesses:

A study has been released from The University of Utah last year and its main principle was the examination of regular gaming on children inflicted with illnesses like autism, depression and the Parkinson disease. A specific game was designed for these kids and the results showed signs of improvement in terms of resilience, empowerment and vision. Researchers believe the games’ ability to act on “neuronal mechanisms that activate positive emotions and the reward system” has helped improve kids’ demeanors as they faced the daily challenges of their illnesses.

2.      A way to combat stress and depression:

A lot of medical and scientific surveys have proven that games are one of the best ways to channel aggression and frustration. Rugby players always get it rough when they channel all their adrenaline in fending off the ball from their side of the court. They master the art of tackling stress through physical strength and healthy combat. This not only helps in controlling the level of rage and anger but also from making depression a possibility.

3.      Providing emotional relief:

Feeling too logged up inside? Just go down to the your park and get a game of basketball or football. In less than 30 minutes you will have not known the reason of your emotional distress. Sports and games are known  worldwide for their therapeutic use of the term “distraction” giving the patients additional time to escape into a parallel world which makes them forget their pain temporarily.

    4. As a source to Improve your Vision:
It is not unjustly said that to play video games allows you to improve the quality of your vision. It leads you to have a certain amount of an attention span and can release the various oxidants in your body to help you focus even more. Be it a game of ball or trying acrobatics, games help you to improve your quality of vision in great ways and scientists and psychologists from all across the planet are trying to understand this phenomena in greater detail.

5. To hone your decision-making skills:

Games require quick judgment and thinking which are an integral part of the strategy flow of the play. They demand the players to speed up their decision making time and to come up with solutions that can differ the entire game further on. Researchers suggest that action-oriented games act as simulators for the decision-making process by giving players several chances to infer information from their surroundings and forcing them to react accordingly.

6. A happiness tool for the aged:

Games are not only for the young. The old and the ill both have their own picks of favorites. From classics like LIFE and Scotland Yard, games both intrigue and make you think. When conducted research, it was noted that a lot of old people who continued with either light sports or games like puzzle solving were more content and cheerful in their behavior.

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