The 5 Most Expensive Apartments In The World

Despite the eye watering prices, the envy and the jealousy we do all love to see what the most expensive homes in the world are, we’ll never be able to afford one but dammit we can look at them! Houses get bigger and bigger every year but apartments are always massively restricted by size meaning often the price per square foot is the best way of judging them; the price is all about the location, the views and the zip code.


Billionaires by nature love to have the best of everything, there are always battles going on about who has the biggest yacht, the most expensive house, the most exclusive car and the rarest watch. Here is a list they should take a look at if they want to turn some heads.

5. The House, Minami-Azabu District, Tokyo – $22m

4,434 Square Feet/$4,961 Per Square Foot

This apartment in Tokyo is fairly cheap compared to most of the others in this list, at 4,434 square feet it is also one of the smallest. It boasts three bathrooms, a terrace and an internal courtyard, one of the more unusual features of it is that it has two kitchens, one for everyday use and another to cook traditional Ryotei restaurant style dining as well as hidden cupboards capable of fitting 200 pairs of shoes in the walls.

4. 432 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York – $125m

Sizes not available

This apartment with be the highest residence in New York at a staggering 1,397 feet in the air, the apartment is still under construction and has been built on the former grounds of The Drake Hotel. It is set to rival number 3 on our list, namely TheOne57 to try and land only the most exclusive clients. Once all of the pre purchase inspections have been completed it will be open to the buyers in 2015.

3. TheOne57, Manhattan, New York – $125m

13,554 Square Feet /$8,434 Per Square Foot

We’ve now gone up another $40m in to a whole new price range only reserved for multi-billionaires. This building is yet to be completed but over half of it has already been sold off plan raising over $1bn already. The duplex penthouse apartment has already been bought for $120m and boasts six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It is 13,554 square feet working out at $8,434 per square foot.

2. One Hyde Park, London – $136m

12,363 Square Feet/$11,000 Per Square Foot

Nobody knows exactly who has bought One Hyde Park, there are only rumours and no definite price available, it is rumoured to be around the $136m area and be a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family. The apartment block consists of bullet proof glass, panic rooms and SAS designed security systems as well as cinemas, golf simulators a McLaren showroom.

1. Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco – $391m

12,917 Square Feet/$30,270 Per Square Foot

Like everything else in Monaco this apartment is in a world of its own, a staggering $30,270 per square feet and in a brand new building overlooking the Ligurian Sea and Monaco’s beautiful harbour. It has its own infinity pool on the roof which is 170m above ground level with a waterslide going in to it; a separate balcony is also in it with floor to ceiling windows in every room. It truly is the world’s most impressive apartment.

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