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Are you planning 10th birthday party in London for a boy? Turning 10 is a big milestone in a child’s life as he is stepping into first double digit year. Make his birthday party one to remember by planning well ahead of time.  Here are some terrific themes and ideas to help you plan a fun bash for your son. These themes will help you pick one of the most suitable birthday party venue London that complement the theme.

Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds game offers ton of fun to kids. You can bring the excitement of birds swinging and smashing houses into your kid’s birthday party. You need to purchase some birdie balloons to create the full effect of an ‘Angry Birdsday’ party. You can decorate the place with pompom birdies in red and green colour. All you need to do is decorate green and red pompoms with googly eyes and glue craft paper shaped as beak. Birthday boy would love to cut the stunning Angry birds cake. You can ask your baker to theme your cake.

Kids Disco Party

Disco parties are not just for grown-ups. Kids also love to shake a leg at times. Hire a ritzy nightclub in London that allows kids to party hard. Hiring a nightclub means, you don’t have to do much for décor as the space already offers lighting, dance floor, and DJs to play favourite tunes. All you need to do is touch ups. You can hang a disco ball from the ceiling and ask the lighting specialists to create rainbow coloured aura. Dress up your kid like a rock star and let the party begin.

Superhero Party

Shout it out loud in the invitations that kids are supposed to come dressed as their favourite super heroes. Don’t forget to have the camera ready to click great pictures. You can hire a face painter and ask him to paint the faces of kids as superheroes. To keep the party fun, arrange an obstacle course. It doesn’t have to be over the top. Just use whatever you can find like chairs, fabrics, pillows, and cardboard to crawl through, jump over, and catch the villain. You can even hire actors who can make a dramatic entrance and surprise the kids. Everybody will love to click pictures with him.

Pirates Party

Given the popularity of ‘Pirates on the Caribbean’ movie series, this theme has become highly popular for kid birthday party. First, create Wanted invites, and use wording like ‘Ahoy mates, you are wanted at a party! Instead of saying, ‘arrive’ at this location, use ‘saddle up’. Dress the birthday boy in striped shirt and old pair of trousers frayed at the bottom. Complete the look with an eye-patch and a moustache. Why not hire a ship moored on Thames in London to have the perfect backdrop for your pirate party.

Cowboy Party

Decorate the space with western themed toys that your kid already has like toy trains, horses, and snakes. Use wood to suggest directions and place cart wheels and bales of hay to create the countryside look. Dress up your child in cowboy boots, jeans, and checked shirt. Complete the look with cowboy hat and scarfs. Serve a delightful menu replete with cowboys’ favourite food like beans and hot dogs. A cowboy hat shaped cake will complete your themed birthday party menu.

Wizards & Magic

Boys usually love the wizards and magic theme for their birthday celebrations that includes supernatural and other magical themes. Harry Potter and friends have become so popular among young children that they simply love to imitate those brats. Those planning for some favours as well will be able to find lots of merchandise related to all this.

These terrific themes will help you create a memorable bash that you kid will cherish for years.

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