Super Bowl Snack Alternatives

Football fans and enthusiasts around the country will be hosting Super Bowl parties this weekend. These are some of the year’s most celebrated events. They are usually stocked full of snacks and dishes of all sorts. Some of these are figure friendly offerings, while many are not. When you plan your big football bash, provide some snack alternatives that are truly healthy.

Although eating is one of the fun things about these parties, health doesn’t have to be sacrificed. There are many outstanding treats that will fit well with this theme. Remember that nutritional snacks don’t have to be tasteless. Give your party a little extra thought, when it comes to guests who are watching their weight. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas for Super Bowl snack alternatives.

Fruit salad combo


Cup cakes, candy, and cookies are some of the usual culprits for Super Bowl parties.

A great sweet alternative to these is a fruit salad combo. Mixtures of pineapple, melon, and strawberry can make a wonderful combination. Any three fresh fruits can be mixed into a salad. You can use a dry mixture or one that has a light sauce. Light sauce combos include a drizzle of honey and fruit juice.

Spinach and ranch dip


Spinach dips are very popular these days.

Finding a version with fewer calories is a great alternative snack. A 16oz. container of low fat or fat free sour cream is a good start. This base mixed with a drained package of thawed frozen spinach is terrific. One package of ranch seasoning can be added to this dip.

Mini grilled chicken wraps


Grilled chicken strips sliced diagonally will work well to make mini wraps.

Assemble your wheat, plain, or spinach tortilla wraps. Lettuce, cheese, and mayo also work with this treat. Cut the wraps into several pieces and make finger-sized appetizers.

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