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Bone ailments such as arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pain are very common nowadays. Millions of people are suffering from various bone diseases. Women are much more vulnerable than men to bone ailments. Healthy joints and strong bones are vital for physical health. By way of following a diet system that is rich in nutrition the bones can be maintained strong and the joints can be protected from various ailments. A nutritious diet alone can strengthen the skeletal system and maintain its health. The bones and joints require proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals for growth as well as smooth functioning.

Protein-rich diet

strong-bones Protein can strengthen the bones and protect them from damages. Proteins enrich the bones with minerals. Proteins also strengthen the joints and maintain them. Protein-rich diet is the most essential for practicing athletes. Legumes, soya beans, eggs and salmon etc. are rich sources of proteins.


Calcium is the most important nutrient for bones. Those who want to get relief from bone ailments such as osteoporosis must include calcium in their daily diet. In addition to strengthening the bone calcium ensures smooth functioning of muscular and nervous systems. By way of including milk, yogurt, cheese, citrus fruits, turnip, broccoli and tofu etc. in the regular diet the body gets sufficient quantity of calcium.

Dietary supplements

It is advisable to avoid food items that have heavy sugar content, sodium and saturated fat etc in order to maintain a healthy skeletal system. Consumption of dietary supplements like multivitamins, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate will help strengthen of the bones and joints.

Role of Vitamin D

In addition to strengthening the immune system of the body, Vitamin D helps the bones absorb calcium. Yogurt, cow milk, cheese, juices of citrous fruits and cereals are rich sources of Vitamin D. Fish and egg also contains good quantities of Vitamin D.


Carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables strengthen the bones and accelerate absorption of calcium. The non digestible type of carbohydrates that are present in fruits and vegetables produce various organic acids. These organic acids help disbursement of calcium in the body. Hence regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential for proper maintenance of the bones.

Avoid soft drinks and sports drinks

The refined sugar content in the carbonated drinks retards the bone growth and weakens the bones. Moreover, the carbonated beverages can cause erosion of calcium and iron from the body. Athletes and others who are in various types of physical activities may consume more quantities of water, milk and fruit juices and avoid soft drinks.

Bones are built up to the age of 30

The process of bone building in the body takes place till the age of 30 years. After attaining the age of thirty new bones are not built into the body. Hence by way of ensuring proper nutrition during childhood as well as teenagers one can achieve a proper built up of bones. Those who lack in bone built up are more vulnerable to osteoporosis and bone fracture since their bones are weak and brittle. Women above 65 years develop symptoms of osteoporosis and men above the age of 70 develop the symptoms. By way of acquiring perfect bone mass during young age one can prevent these diseases.

Role of Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps the body generate proteins required by bones. Moreover, Vitanmin K reduces excretion of calcium by the body. Regular consumption of spinach, kale and broccoli enables the body to get sufficient quantity of Vitamin K.

Consumption of potassium rich foods

Consuming foods such as yogurt, bananas and potatoes helps the body to get potassium which can neutralize the acids that cause the removal of calcium from the body. Thus potassium is essential for keeping the bones strong.

Physical exercises

Athletes are found to have strong bones in spite of low body weight. This reveals the importance of physical exercises to strengthen the bones. Normal exercises such as walking, running, jumping and climbing steps etc strengthen the bones.

Reduce consumption of caffeine

Those who drink too much coffee every day are likely to have weak bones since caffeine prevents the body to absorb calcium.

Consume alcohol moderately

Too much consumption of alcohol leads to less absorption of calcium by the body. Hence for proper maintenance of bones moderate consumption of alcohol is recommended.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking not only causes cancer but weakens the bones also by preventing the body from absorbing calcium. Hence smoking is to be strictly avoided in order to strengthen the bones.

Reduce quantity of table salt

Sodium chloride leads to erosion of calcium from the body thereby weakening the bones. Hence consumption of salt must be reduced to the minimum level.

By way of following a nutritional diet system, quitting bad habits such as smoking as well as drinking too much alcohol and performing physical exercises daily, one can have a strong skeletal system that is vital for a healthy body.

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