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Roofing has become one of the most crucial aspects of a house or building as obviously almost all constructions need something to serve as shelter. You may be surprised to know how much house roofing has advanced since ancient times to the past few decades to the present. As the demand for housing is increasing, more and more choices of roofing are incubating as well. Thus today we have the advantage of choosing the type of material we want for roofing from a wide array of options. Materials such as metal, aluminum, tin, ply, tiles etc. can be used to build your roof and keep you safe from hazardous weather.

However, these wide varieties of roofing options also create a dilemma for the house owners. Which is the best material? Which is the cheapest? Which material will be apt for a particular weather? Is it durable and long lasting or not? All these questions may leave you puzzled and confused. To overcome this problem, you can consult your local roofing constructor or do your research over the internet properly.

  • The most common conundrum that bugs people is when it comes to choosing between steel roofing and aluminum roofing. A lot of people are not well acquainted with the mechanics of steel roofing and you may often find them using the terms “aluminum roofing”, “metal roofing” or “copper roofing” interchangeably. The truth of that matter is that these are a number of completely different metals that are commonly used for building roofs for houses.
  • A lot of folks pick aluminum roofs for home development plans. Apart from the wide color options, aluminum roofs are environmentally friendly and support the pockets. It is a first-class choice for metal roofing material since it offers superior rust resistance to your regular ferrous roofing choices. This makes them apt for houses residing by the coast. Aluminum is a plain, natural metal that tends to become unattractive as it ages. Thus it is usually employed as a metal after it is finished with a painted exterior. It is the most lightest amongst all the other metals. A thin piece of aluminum can often do the work of a thick piece of any other metal as its strength-to-weight ratio is extremely high. Due to the lightness and slenderness of this material, it also generates and stores the least amount of warmth and also cools off rapidly once it discontinues getting direct sunlight. Cost wise, aluminum neither costs too much nor too less.
  • When it comes to steel, there are a number of reasons why homeowners prefer steel shingles over aluminum of any other material but the most prominent one is its cost. For people who want to replace their entire roof go for steel roofing as it helps them save money.
  • Another common reason for choosing steel is its ability to resist fire. As a matter of fact, steel is certified as having the highest fire resistance (Class A) when it is settled over a proper kind of underlayment.
  • Huge pieces of steel roofing can be fitted directly above the current roof but it is more popular for shingle steel to be installed to a roof after the timeworn roofing materials have been detached and the roofing surface is comprehensively cleaned.
  • Steel is susceptible to both corrosion and rust when left open in the air. To prevent this defect the steel roofing manufacturers have now started coating it with a type of plastic called Kynar, which is available in a large number of shades and colors. Apart from that, steel is a cost effective, durable and long lasting choice for roofing.


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