Staying Active Helps Fight Depression

My brother has been going through a hard time over the last few years. A once healthy young man he has had is life changed after being affected by an illness called neuro sarcoidoisis.  To start with it was only his lungs and nose which seem to be affected.  The doctors took a long time diagnosing him and he tried many different drugs to help improve his symptoms, and even went for an operation to remove part of his lung.

My brother first fell ill after he left University at around 22 years old. Over the years he has had good times and bad times, it comes and goes. However, the last few years have been really terrible for him, and nothing seems to be helping. Due to his illness, and perhaps the number of drug trials he has been on he is now in a wheel chair and has to sleep downstairs. My brother is a big man so getting in and out of bed is hard, well; everything is a struggle to be honest.

Working is Everything to My Brother

The great thing about my brother is that he loves to work. Even when many people would have given up he continued to work. Thankfully he was employed by a very well-known television company so they were excellent and supported him as much as they could.  In previous years he went on amazing trips to film wildlife all over the world. He would require many months off at a time though when times were bad as he would be in hospital for very long periods, even over Christmas once which was really upsetting. Still being a producer meant that he was contracted on shows so when he came out he would find another contract producing programs. As he grew more poorly he stopped going on trips but was able to produce shows. They gave him an office on the ground floor and allowed him to work flexible hours and from home when he needed.

Unfortunately he fell very ill once more and was unable to cope with work, although he is adamant that he will return one day. He has had some serious falls out of bed and requires carers coming into his home three times a day. His memory seems to be suffering and on a couple of occasions he forgot to take his pills, making him very poorly indeed. He doesn’t live near the rest of us and he refuses to come back in case he is able to work again. So we rely on fabulous carers who do a marvellous job.

Keeping Active

Since stopping work he has fallen into a deep depression. It’s perfectly understandable; being stuck in his house, no family close and mobility problems is enough to get anyone down. Being able to work keeps him feeling active, like he is still part of the rat race, and he gets to see his friends more often.  Being only 37 it is hard to accept that he is unable to even consider going back to work right now. My father has contacted the television company who have said they are always willing to consider using him in the future when he is well enough again, which is wonderful.

To keep his spirits up he has now enrolled at a local college that offers writing courses.  As he works in television he wants to expand on his script and screen writing skills and you can tell he feels slightly better already. He has visited the college and is able to be accommodated which really is wonderful. I think if he spent more time in his home it would just add to his depression and would be too much.

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