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One of the main reasons why people struggle to give up smoking is because they overcomplicate it. Instead of using easy to follow methods they look for complex products and elaborate procedures. There are then those who simply make life far too difficult for themselves. They say “right, from tomorrow I will never smoke a cigarette again.” If only it was this easy. Instead, this article presents five simple yet highly effective ways to give up smoking. This is labelled as START. Let’s find out more…


  • S = Set the date you are going to quit – Don’t make the mistake mentioned in the introduction by giving yourself too big of a challenge. Instead set yourself a quit date. You will then gradually decrease the amount of cigarettes you smoke until you reach this date whereby you will of course give up. Thus, let’s say your quit date is 1st December and you currently smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Reduce this to 10 cigarettes on October 1st, then five cigarettes on November 1st, then on December 1st no cigarettes at all. This gradual reduction will make this a lot easier.


  • T = Talk to an expert or a doctor – If you are someone who heavily relies on smoking then this is a highly recommended option to take. Doctors or health consultants will help you to cope with withdrawals. You may need medication. Of course people prefer to give up via natural routes – this is always advised. However, in some instances medication may be needed. If not then professionals can recommended the best nicotine patches and alike.


  • A = Acknowledge the challenge ahead – Don’t be naïve. Nobody ever said that giving up smoking was easy. You need to understand that there are going to be difficult times and you must embrace these moments. Find a solid strategy for handling cravings. Pick an activity you can enjoy instead of smoking for example. You could go for a walk, ring your friend, or play a video game. The list is endless but make sure it is something you will thoroughly enjoy.


  • R – Remove all cigarettes – A lot of people keep cigarettes around the house ‘just encase’. If you do this then you are simply asking to cheat. You need to remove all temptation. Get rid of the cigarettes. Throw out your lighter. If someone else in the household smokes then you should ask them to make sure their stash is well hidden. Also it is advisable to request that they do not smoke in front of you either. This will only make it a million times more difficult for you.


  • T – Tell those you are close to – Last but not least, it is imperative to tell your family and friends that you are going to quit. Don’t try and do this alone. You are going to need all the moral support you can get. Your friends and family can play a crucial role in ensuring you meet your goals and don’t fall off track. Their encouragement will be priceless.


Summary – This five point plan presents several easy yet highly effective ways to give up smoking. Follow these points and you will have an increased chance of beating the habit once and for all.


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