Skills for Correctly Using Carpet in Home Decorating

Carpet is a good item in home decorating. You can improve your decorating level by using it.  Therefore, you can put one in your dream bedrooms, which can offer you a different feeling.  But, there are lots of aspects you should pay attention to when using carpet in home decorating.

Skills for Correctly Using Carpet in Home Decorating

For the living room

The carpet for the living room is not necessary very huge. A small piece can add layering feeling to your home by the deep and light transition of sofa, carpet as well as flooring according to different season change different material carpet such as plush, linen.


According to the size of the living room as well as the light degree, the carpets have many aspects you should think of. For the large size and bright light living room, it has a wide range for carpet. But the deep color ones can add a warm feeling to the living room. For the small size living room, you had better pick the light color carpet, which seems brighter on vision and the space will seems larger.


In sunny winter days, the large and thick plush carpet can bring you warmth. The mat carpet in the living room in summer may bring the cool feeling for you.


For the dining room

More and more apartments adopt the design that the dining room connect with the living room, which increase the space transparent feeling. But it lost the separation feeling for different function space. The carpet for dining room should suit the home decorating style and differ from the living room ones.


For the bedroom

The bedroom carpet should focus on practical ability and comfort. As to the color, it depends on you. An important decorating rule for privacy space is to follow your heart. As to the size of the carpet, it does not need large scale paving. You just need to put a small piece along the bed side so that you will not directly touch the cold ground when getting up from the warm bed, which is the biggest usage for the bedroom.

In summer, the carpet can be replaced by the straw braid summer mat. The mild character of the summer mat would not cold your feet and have cool feeling. The weave grain under the reaction of the light can bring you unique feeling.


To sum up

Carpet is not only the decorating ornament, but also can keep your feet warm and protect your family members from falling down.

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