Simple Tips for Brightening up the Bathroom

The last thing you need during the morning routine is a dark and dingy bathroom. A cramped and unattractive bathroom can put you in a terrible mood whilst showering, brushing your teeth and getting ready for the day – making you long for your bed even before you’ve left the house. Here are a few tips for brightening up our bathroom and brightening up your morning.

Let the Light In

Natural light can greatly benefit the mental health and wellbeing of people. A lack of natural light is even reported to contribute towards the onset of depression. Letting the natural light in can help brighten your mood. Increase the size, position or transparency of your external window to achieve this. Where possible ensure the position and size of window allows for the sun to enter the room in the morning by making it east-facing.


If the structural integrity of the wall allows for it, increase the size of the window, letting even more light in. Replaced opaque windows, designed for privacy, with more transparent fixtures, designed for mental welfare. Just make sure you install bathroom blinds to retain modesty.

Maximise the Available Light

Whether or not you can increase the amount of the natural light the bathroom receives, maximise it with the use of mirrors and their reflective quality. Installing mirrors can ensure every corner of the bathroom receives sufficient light.

As well as making the room look more attractive, it can also make it easier for you to apply make up in natural light (no more clown face).


Declutter the Space

Over the years you may have accrued a lot of bathroom fittings and flourishes, but it may be time to rid your home of these. Free up the space so you have room to spread about in the bathroom, and the cramped feeling is removed. Only keep features you really need: some pieces such as fragrances can be moved into the bedroom and others can be simply thrown away.

Be ruthless in this, it may be hard to give away an ornament to begin with but you could enjoy the additional space in the long term.

Minimise your Fittings

If you want to go a step further than just chucking out old magazine racks, you can downsize and minimise your fittings. Cumbersome baths, showers, sinks and toilets can all be given the downsizing treatment to free up room in the bathroom.

John Louis Bathrooms stock a selection of minimalistic bathroom fittings, combining fashion and function. Giving the bathroom a contemporary minimalistic feel can free up space and improve the atmosphere of the room and your morning routine.

Instil Colour


There can be a tendency amongst home owners when decorating a bathroom to plump for the traditional colour palette of white and light blue. However, the bathroom can be given a brightening effect with a colourful and vibrant paint and décor scheme.

Implementing a bright and lively feature colour through the tiling, walls, fixtures and towels is an incredibly simple way to lighten up the bathroom and your mood.

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