Are There Side Effects To Using Garlic As Natural Remedy?

More commonly used today to spice up food and flavor, garlic is also an effective herbal medicine that the ancient people of Egypt have been using to treat all sorts of conditions. It is acknowledged as one of nature’s wonder drug. And although scholars have given credence to its healing effects by doing several studies, garlic also has a few disadvantages. Using this as natural remedy may come with some risks.

Garlic can cause bad breath or body odor.

This spice contains alliin, an odorless component that has amino acid cysteine. Only when the garlic is crushed or sliced does this odor come out, as the compound comes in contact with other elements. Its pungent odor can be bothersome, especially for pregnant women whose sense of smell grows sensitive. In very large quantities or used regularly for medication, whether in its organic form or as a garlic supplement, garlic actually can cause body odor and bad breath.

Garlic can irritate the stomach.

If the person intending to use garlic as natural remedy is already suffering from some form of digestive order, garlic can actually accelerate this and may cause more stomach problems, including diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, heartburn and even the loss of appetite. As an herbal medication, its properties are so potent, which is what makes it really effective. Unfortunately, it’s the same potency that may also cause stomach upsets. Some studies also show that garlic can be poisonous for young children, which is why it’s not recommended to let them take garlic raw frequently.

Garlic is harsh on the skin.

When used topically as poultice, garlic can irritate the skin and may burn or sting it. This characteristic makes it effective on open wounds, as garlic is anti-inflammatory. But for other cases, using just enough to apply garlic on the skin should suffice.  Too much of it is harmful.

Garlic is so strong that it has the tendency to decrease other medication’s effectiveness.

It interferes with other medication meant as antihypertensives or antiplatelets, so it’s better to stop with the garlic treatment if taking these meds would be more important for your health.

Garlic can thin out blood.

As a preventive measure for cardiac arrest, a regular garlic intake does offer benefits to the heart. However, it also causes blood to thin out, putting the person at risk of bleeding profusely with an open wound, or bruising badly when incurring a concussion.  If a patient has to undergo surgery or a dental treatment, it’s advisable to hold off the garlic medication for two weeks before such an important procedure.

The bottomline, before taking any form of garlic as natural remedy, seek the expertise of a health provider to discuss the pros and cons of the treatment to your health.

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