Beyond the Runway: 5 Ways to Showcase Your Latest Fashion Designs

You might have created what could be the next big fashion trend or designed a collection that celebrities would love to wear, but if the world never sees your work, nobody will buy it. Getting noticed can be tough in an industry as competitive and cliquey as the fashion world. Here are five ways to show your customers your latest fashion designs to ensure that your work gets noticed.



Fashion shows are an obvious way to get your work out there, but think outside the runway. Why not host special shows at retail outlets or malls, or hold a fashion-show charity event to garner good publicity to go along with photos of models showing off your stunning line? Broadcast your show online so that everyone who’s interested can watch it. For the more daring at heart, throw a pop-up fashion show, surprising unsuspecting crowds with the sudden appearance of your models.


Look Books

People love to have something to take away with them, and having lots of look books on hand is a great way to send potential customers home with some of your design ideas to peruse. Find a printer who specializes in booklet printing and work with a graphic designer to create a book as à la mode as your line; homemade versions on plain copy paper will not make a good impression. Hand your books out at fashion shows and other events, distribute them to clients and members of the press, or put them on display at points of sale.



Reaching out to past clients, retailers and press contacts about new designs is always a good idea. Create a mailer, like a brochure or a small booklet, that showcases some of your work and includes instructions for finding more information. Custom-printed postcards can be especially effective in this capacity. Choose an eye-catching image of your work for the front, and print your contact information and details on the back.



Gather contact information for past customers and potential sales leads and send out regular newsletters about your work, highlighting company news and your latest designs. Whether the newsletter is electronic or paper, reminding people of your brand on a regular basis is an effective marketing strategy. Make the content valuable to the reader by offering insider fashion advice or tipping readers off to upcoming fashion-related events and sales to encourage readership.



Take advantage of social media sites to post news and photos about your latest designs. Post videos on YouTube or add a blog to your web page. Printing quick response codes on everything from hang tags to fashion-show flyers is a great way to draw potential customers to your online content. Using their smartphones, they can scan the codes to learn more about your label or interact with your brand online.

In an industry where the only constant is change, keeping customers apprised of your latest fashion designs is absolutely essential to growing both your customer base and its loyalty. Utilize every method at your disposal to get your work noticed.

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