How To Make Your Shave Smoother

Starting Out Shaving

As young men we all look forward to that first shave. It is almost a rite of passage into manhood. As we get older though, we quickly realise that there is a lot more to shaving than simply carefully taking a razor to your face. We learn that doing it early in the morning is often not the best idea, as we can rush things and end up with cuts or not looking after the skin.

Whatever your issues are with shaving, it is likely that you are contributing to them in some way. Fear not however, as there are many skin care for men solutions on the market which can help make your shaving experience so much better.

As well as taking note of our five must follow tips, please make sure you invest in a decent razor and a high quality shaving gel, available in the men’s skin care section of stores.

A Smoother Shave: The 5 Commandments

  • Towel drying your face is a big no when it comes to shaving. Look to shower before you shave, and allow hot water to run over your face as this will prepare the skin best for shaving. Do not dry your face, the moisture will keep the skin soft until you apply a shaving gel or cream.
  • Be generous with your gel. Check out the skin care for men section of your local store, and get the best shaving gel you can. Apply liberally across the area to be shaved, the best shaving gels treat the skin as well as give you the smoother shave you are looking for.
  • Be clean – shaving is a delicate period for your skin, so keep your hands and face clean at all times. Use a fresh hand towel to dry your hands to prevent any bacteria reaching the face and bringing you out in spots. A thorough wash of the face will help too, cleansing the pores so your skin can be fully moisturised, leading to a smoother shave.
  • Leave the difficult bits until last and take as long as you need to. Don’t hack away at your lip or chin, if you need three or four strokes of the blade then do this. Not sticking to this tip will see you covered in wet toilet paper – not a good look!
  • Post shave is the most important part, and where high quality skin care for men products come in. Don’t apply an aftershave or eau de toilette to your freshly shaved face. Go for an enriching moisturiser or lotion to truly enhance your look.

Shave smoother and look better, make the most of modern skin care for men products to make your shaving experience that much more rewarding.


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