Sensational Scents for a Harmonious Home

We all want our home to be cosy, welcoming, and a place to enjoy life as a family. With family life often being very hectic, it’s good to know that you can come home to a (relatively!) peaceful home, that has your personal finishing touches to really make it yours. Candles are a brilliant way to do this. You can change them depending on the time of day, or season, or layer them to create a unique signature fragrance all of your own. They’re an inexpensive way to transform a home, making it warm and inviting, not to mention, beautifuly smelling, in just a few minutes.


The Top of the Pops award for candles has to go to the patriotic Yankee Candle brand. Forget star spangled banners, and think Little House on the Prairie cinder toffee and cosy cushions. Yankee Candle know how to make it easy to add sensational scent to a home, with simple finishing touches. Their candle range starts with candle ‘tarts’ that look just like something a pastry baker whipped up. The range goes up in size from these tarts to candles in glass jars, just like those you used to find in old fashioned sweet shops, and of course, the scent that the candles give off evokes memories of those lemon drops, marshmallows and strawberry bonbons. Clever, huh?

With names like Whoopie Pie (a mélange of chocolate and vanilla), and Buttercream (whipped buttercream, sugar and vanilla beans), and Green Grass for that just cut grass scent, you don’t have to look far to get started.

christmas candles

As it’s coming up to Christmas it makes sense to opt for one of their Christmas Special Appearance candles. These are limited edition candles on a grab ’em while you can basis, and they’re amongst my faves. My top pick for a cosy Christmas has to be the Christmas Eve candle, which smells of sugared plum and candied fruits. So, Christmas cake in a glass jar. Yum! Create a scent ‘layer’ by burning the Christmas Eve candle alongside the redcurrant and cedarwood scented Red Berry candle, or for a super snowy winter themed candle, try the holiday cookies and sugar pink icing scented Snowflake Cookie candle. It sounds very Mary Berry on a mission in a Christmas kitchen doesn’t it? So, grab a spoon, some icecream, and a Buttercream candle, and enjoy some family time in your sensationally scented home along with all the  essential candle accessories.

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