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The world today is at risk because of pollution, global warming, tempering with food products. While several centuries ago, lesser problem in terms of health were being faced because of purity of air and nature intact, now the tables have turned because of many factors as stated above. The scientists of the world are trying to find cure for diseases like cancer, AIDS, anemia etc., the world has been shown a door way in the form of cord blood banking. You must have seen pamphlets being dropped in your house indicating that save cord blood to save yourself, your family and you kids from incurable diseases.

So what does saving cord blood do? Saving the umbilical cord blood can help in generating the embryonic like cell that is the pure cell that were in the baby when he was born. They are the purest of cells and can be used to treat the untreatable diseases later in life by extracting the stem cells from the cord blood. While the cord blood is sacred, it can be used by anyone since the embryonic cells are independent of the identification mark. Save cord blood so that it can be used to save a life.

There are several companies out there that offer the services to save the cord blood. These companies have a lot to offer in terms of equipment since in order to save the blood very high technical equipment is required since you might be saving the blood forever. There are private and public banks which offer such services. Although both types of banks are expensive but in public banks you can get even donated stem cells if you have not save any of yours.

Save the cord blood while keeping in mind to do a thorough research on the banks as this is a very critical matter for you and your family. The cord blood has been tested and tried and has cured a lot of conditions even genetic diseases. It is a breakthrough in medicine to have found this cure. Even leukemia has been cured because of the stem cells generated from cord blood. Although it is not common practice for people to save their cord blood but after the marketing that is being done these days might make it so.

It is need of time to try and save cord blood. However, forces at play tend not to allow you to be able to do so since it is very expensive. But if you think in the terms that you are trying to save your family, the cost seems meager in these terms. It is true that you might never need it so why waste your money but it is also true that down the road you might need it for your future. If you have a big heart you can also donate the cord blood to a public bank so that it can be used for patients in need. Donating to the public bank is free so do someone a favor and save cord blood even if you cannot afford to save it for yourself.

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