Safety And Peace Of Mind: GPS For Your Teen’s Car

It seems that these days you cannot turn on the television or open up the newspaper without reading about another teen gone missing or another tragic accident involving teenage drivers. Either from foul play or their own accord, teens are disappearing or getting in accidents every day, leaving worried parents and loved ones behind and launching national searches that far too often end in heartache.

All of these news stories are enough to have any parent thinking of the safety of their own child and wondering what they can do to protect them. Now it is becoming much more common for parents to install GPS tracking devices on their teen drivers’ cars so that they can monitor their driving habits and should the teen go missing for any reason, they have the technology available to locate them, and hopefully to get them home safely.


Promoting Safe Driving

It is not news that teen drivers are among the worst in the nation, the Houston Chronicle reported that not only are more than 5,000 teens killed in motor vehicle accident annually in the United States, but they are also the leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 20 in this country. And it’s no wonder we are breeding a generation of unsafe drivers, never before has driving been littered with so many distractions. Cell phones, MP3 players, navigation systems, touch screens, voice activated controls—the list goes on and on. The amount of distractions teens now have to resist as they are just learning how to drive is unlike anything their parents had to deal with when they were new to the road, which may play a large part in the staggering number of teen accidents occurring each year.

So what is a parent to do? The Houston Chronicle reported that one family in Texas is using the technology of GPS tracking to monitor the driving habits of their teen to help teach him the importance of safe driving. The parents let their teen know after a week that they had been watching him and they went back over some of the times when he had been speeding or had done something that could have resulted in a ticket or an accident. This not only let their son know what behaviors needed to be fixed, but now he knew that his habits were being monitored, and placing that knowledge in him he said did encourage him to take more care to be a better driver.


In Case of Emergency

Of course, more than encouraging good habits on the road, the GPS can offer peace of mind according to Yahoo! Voices. Using these GPS tracking devices is less about being paranoid and wanting to monitor your teen’s every move and more about wanting the comfort of knowing that should you need to locate your teen and are unable to do so by another method, you have this option as well. There are so many parents out there that can only wish they would have had a technology like this, and while it is unpleasant to think you will ever be in a situation where you will need to use it, you can just rest easy knowing it is there, just in case.

As a parent, it is your job to keep your child safe, no matter how unfair they may claim it is. Explain to your teen that this technology will help them to become a safer driver and can help in case of emergencies and they may surprise you with how much they warm up to the idea.

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