Do Caffeine Shampoos Really Reduce Hair Loss?

It seems that the curse of the man truly is baldness. Medial science has the ability to clone sheep and grow fully functioning human ears on mice, but when it comes to something as ostensibly and comparatively straightforward as stopping hair from falling off a human’s head, it seems that the super brain of the scientist is at odds: or is it?

One product that has been gaining a fair bit of momentum in the last year or so is caffeine shampoo. Caffeine shampoo won’t get you to work earlier by allowing you to drink your shampoo whilst showering, instead of having to go through the pesky rigmarole of boiling the kettle, pouring the milk, etc. What it will do, though, by all accounts, is prevent hair loss.

It is always tricky to gauge the efficacy of such products. There’s always some sort of ambiguity it would seem, in terms of the statistics that are released. It is never black or white, as in yes it does work, or no it doesn’t work. And so one thing that’s refreshing about caffeine shampoo, is the directness of the approach. There’s no recondite list of medical terminologies to decipher, the special ingredient is caffeine. It suggests a level of honesty that automatically wants you to believe that it is going to work. But does it?

Something that people fail to grasp when it comes to hair loss products is the use of words that manufacturers assign to their wonderful potions. And so, the unhappy young person whose suddenly developed an unwanted sunroof atop their head, picks up a product from the chemist or the supermarket or whatever, and thinks that their problems are over. They think that in a week or a month’s time they are going to have the hirsute headlot that they’d always dreamed of.

The reality is, though, that they are likely to have invested in a product which, like many others out there, reduces hair loss. There is a big difference between something having the ability to stop hair falling out, and having the ability to make hair grow back in a place where it has stopped growing. Indeed, if there was a shampoo on the market that could make hair grow back, then it would probably have to be kept behind lock and key, such would be its value.

So in terms of answering the question, ‘do caffeine shampoos really reduce hair loss?’ the answer is yes. Given the research, along with the droves of satisfied customers, caffeine shampoos do reduce hair loss. But if you’ve got areas of your head where the scalp is clearly visible, because no hair grows in those areas, then no amount of caffeine shampoo is going to make that hair grow back.

If you are starting to notice the odd hair on your pillow or on your comb, and can see that slowly but surely your hair is losing its thickness, then caffeine shampoo is as good a way as any, of slowing down the process. Alternatively, if you’ve got the thickest head of hair, ever, but are terrified of going bald in the future, then you can use caffeine shampoo, just in case your hair might have fallen out.

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  1. I have tried lots of products… but my hair loss is just increasing day by day.. Hope, this shampoo gonna work now.. I will be back with a review about this soon 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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